Tesla purchases a company that also has a & # 39; taking forward high footballers

Maxwell states that he is owned by Tesla. Its product ports have a & # 39; Explains that Tesla wants to consolidate its highest position in the range of electronic records and power storage batteries.

This build was reinforced by Electrek and Tesla, when she said she was constantly looking for a new build that is relevant to business and purpose. This is accelerating the move to sustainable energy.

The purchase of Maxwell Tesla should be reached to over 200 million. a moment. It is a sub-group of 100%. It is much more interesting than property rights, but the benefits of building are.

Global leader in energy solutions

Maxwell says that he is a world-wide leader in the development and operation of the world. Creating innovative cost and solution solutions for energy supply. The technology is developed and painted by the name "dried electrodes that are being used in making superconductors themselves in an effort to break down battery technology.

Maxwell says that the superconductors provide safe and reliable energy solutions for use in electronics, transport, renewable energy and consumer and business information technology. The company has 380 employees and is based in San Diego.


Superconductor technology was considered to be technologically capable of replacing normal chemical batteries. It is the benefit of it; The energy is invested skilfully. This allows to & # 39; return and quickly release as no chemical reactions are needed. The survival rate is considerably larger than the usual standard tax trips. So far, however, this technology has not been imported into vehicle batteries.

Potential benefit for Tesla

According to Electrek, however, Tesla may have an interest in dry electrode dry technology that Maxwell has developed during superconductor development. Maxwell argues that technology is currently allowing energy congestion of over 300 Wh / kg, with its capacity of over 500 Wh / kg. It could improve the performance of Li-ion batteries that Tesla develops by doing them in collaboration with Panasonic.

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