Tesla reviews the construction of the European Supercharger tax network


Tesla reviews the uptake of new Supercharger tax stations in Europe. The reason is that the Tesla Model 3 was launched on the old mainland. The company is also open to give the tax network to other equipment makers.

Tesla has been delighted to announce that the European version of Model 3 will be fitted with CCS taxpaces. This is a fundamental European level for rapid costs, which greatly expands the opportunities in Model 3 to be able to; fast cemetery on other scheduled monuments.

Build faster

However, this does not mean that it will finish its own Supercharger network. In contrast. At this time, Tesla has around 430 Supercharger tax stations in Europe with over 3,600 seats. Drew Bennett, spokesman, says that Tesla has invested more than ever before in Europe for the introduction of Module 3 to Europe.

"We accelerate the expansion of our tax network in Europe. We want to build a sufficient network before the needs of our customers. And within the Supercharger and cargo chargers, Destination Charger," says Bennett.

Get into the Supercharger tax network

The Tesla Model 3 is not incorporated into the sport CCS cost ports, Good news for future owners. But Tesla could also be happy with other email makers of electronic cars. This is by giving them to the early charger network Tesla Supercharger. However, it relies on other car manufacturers.

Bennett says in this context: "We are opting to open up discussions with other craftsmen to access our cost network. The new power, new routes and markets of the driving force are behind our investments. to discuss issues with many manufacturers, but we did not reach any proof of decision. They are still trying to find out what their needs are in this area . We have a number of years commanding what we leave in the investment market to change to electromobility. "

Compatibility to most electric vehicles

Tesla, in connection with the European version of the Model 3 tax point port, will also "install" its Supercharger Charger with another cable that completes the CCS. The Tesla network expresses a lot more interesting for car manufacturers, because most of its models have a full-powered model of jogging.

Bennett says that there is a large market in the US semi-media sedans twice. On the ancient continent, we can also provide textiles even more interesting in Modal 3 than the countryside.

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