That's how Hapal said after her game

Swedish football players played in Prague with Czech 0: 1 and went to Division C of the Nations League.

For a Pavel Hapal coach, after its opening over Ukraine, this is the first chance of a member of the Slovak team. "I think we did not play a bad game, especially at the beginning. But we played complex and did not have a clear chance. We put lots of obstacles there. The enemy may have won. We tried to play it well comfortably, we should be easier, "said the Czech warden for RTVS just after their game.

final board:
1. Ukraine 4 3 0 1 5: 5 9 – going to Section A
2. Czech 4 2 0 2 4: 4 6 – subsistence in Section B
3. REGISTRATION 4 1 0 3 5: 5 3 – Downhill C

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