The administrative building at NEW STEIN in Bratislava changes the owner

The new owner is the first Real Estate Property from IAD Investments.

MiddleCap Real Estate Ltd. sold to First Real Estate Property, o.p.f. is run by IAD Investments, an administrative building built on the site of the old Stein brewery in Bratislava. This construction is one of the largest businesses in 2018 in a direct estate in Slovakia. This is a project with more than 12,000 square meters of administrative and commercial venues, which will be added to the estate provost of its estate. First World Heritage Fund, o.p.f. This was published on Monday with MiddleCap Real Estate Ltd in a press release.

The project and later developed the item announced by MiddleCap Real Estate Ltd. through the development of AMW sub-group. The land was purchased by the company at the end of 2015 with YIT Reding for the construction of commercial and commercial buildings.

The final call was final

MiddleCap Real Estate Ltd., with Miroslav Vyboh, has agreed to manage the multi-useful growth of NEW STEIN by the end of 2017 and its first tenants have moved to a new office space in March 2018. Currently, the largest tenants are & # 39; including Deutsche Telekom Services Europe and Lucron Group. The building is located at the Krížna and Legionárska streetscape.

On seven floors, it is usually an administrative department with service facilities (900 square meters) and 170 parking spaces. The change of owner also changes the name of the administrative building to the STEINERKA Business Center.

"The fact that we have sold a property has been decided in a very short time, less than 10 months after the agreement of the building, clearly demonstrates its high level of process and finishing the project. We are delighted that we have achieved our public commitment to the quality, which we first gave, "said Matus Vyboh, AMW Development Chair.

There were several councilors working on their business

On the side of the retailer, MiddleCap Advisory provided an overall activity advice. IAD Investments was represented by the CMS law firm for the purchase of an estate, the financial and tax consultation covered by Deloitte and the technical advice was provided by Sentient ČR. "NEW STEIN's valuable business building, now at the STEINERKA Business Center, is another valuable asset that diversifies our property. We expect this investment to help us stop the achievement of the property and finally, "said Vladimír Bencz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IAD Investments.

MiddleCap Real Estate (formerly Mayfair Assets) is part of MiddleCap Group, S.A., a Luxembourg-based investment and consulting company based in Luxembourg, with branches in London, Bratislava, Prague, Dubai and Monaco. It was established in 2018 with the MiddleCap Equity Partners, a.s. and Mayfair Assets Ltd. The partners of the MiddleCap group originally set up, S.A. They are Miroslav Vyboh, Matus Vyboh, Matej Majercak, Roman Guns and Michal Kviecinsky. Over the last three years, the company has provided active advice in a measure of more than € 800 million. The total number of estate projects was considerably higher than 110 million euros.

IAD Investments is the oldest independent Japanese independent manufacturing company. Financial services have been provided to individual and corporate clients in the Central European countries since 1991. Within its European jobs, it has asset management in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia, with a total value of over 800 miles. iour. The first property property. p. The oldest joint funding in Slovia and the Czech Republic, which is invested in the estate assets of the estate.

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