The bitcoin rate fell below $ 5000

On the archive icon, the person beside the logotype bitcoin is near an ATM for this plugin. Photograph: TASR / AP

London, November 19 (TASR) – Bitcoin is going to go down. The Bitstamp platform fell for the first time in more than 1 lower than the $ 5000 (4375.60 euros) threshold and reached the minimum of 13 months. This shows that the cryptomeni broadout is the one that is; sold from the last week.

After that, Bitcoin was erased from some of his losses, and at 17.45 CET he sold at 8.7% less than USD 5100, when he fell before the $ 5000 regional level for the first time since October 12, 2017. The exchange rate fell to $ 4958.

Other digital funds have even weakened on Monday. Etherea course fell 12% and liteco 13%. Out of the important cryptomenias, there was only better decoration. Index Index Cryxy Galapto fell by 8.3% to a low level of 1 year.

Last week's sales, according to some experts, have made mood worse in the cryptomenius market as a result of dividing a bitcoin division into two different money, causing concerns about problems a digital market.

The Cryptomania market capital, according to, has dropped by more than $ 660 billion since its bad sale in January. Bitcoin fell 70% in December 2017.

(1 EUR = 1.1427 USD)

Source:, the TASR news portal

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