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The Čechomor band is happy in the spring of fans in Slovakia – Music – Culture

Čechomor, Lodenica

Cechomor Group on podium.


At five concerts, she will be celebrating her 30th anniversary; in the music. At the same time, the Arzén Slavic band will be online.

"After a long time we have a fantastic tour. Concerts are a fascinating part of our sites
history, but as well as classical material, he also plays songs from the new CD
Breath. We planned the tours by the Arzén organization, which is on
a 35 year scene. For the first time we saw many years ago in Terchova.
We made one record with Franta. They are good guys
they enjoy music and they're in love with them. what they are doing, "said the fiddler, singer and
guitar Karel Holas.

A new breath came out in spring. There are 12 new albums in the table
songs and one advantage. "We invited a group of orchestras to work together
Kumpan Musicians who recorded the whole record with us. And be satisfied
Even our young fans, CD Inspiration came out in the autumn, etc.
Name of a "Breathe" In other words, all the songs in other uniforms and without
of discouraged instruments that helped us to download our youngest peers and our older companions.
We think we have made a positive step, "said Holas.

The Čechomor editorial group is largely built on their music,
the atmosphere also adversely affects and sounds. "Live performance
breeding place for each band. I do not know our music life without
to play at all. We will look forward to the Slovakian audience; us
to understand and & # 39; feel naturally. We praise him, "
I asked you.

Concert dates Čechomor + Arzén Tour 2019:

  • March 1 – Haint Aréna, Bratislava
  • March 8 – Andreja Hlinka Cultural House, Ruzomberok
  • March 9 – Trade Union Dom, Žilina
  • March 15 – Piano Club, Trencin
  • March 16 – Millennium Sports Hall, Nové Zámky

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