The Committee has allowed an appeal to a police leader: the Interior Interior is a look at the changes

The government's suggestion states that the Interior Minister can appeal to his President for great reasons. However, at least three-fifths of the members of their national security committee must be removed. On the other hand, when the same committee is involved in choosing a new police leader, Most of the members are all there. This did not appeal to the MP, Ľubomír Galka (SaS), who proposed a draft amendment to the committee, so that such a majority would be able to resolve the & # 39; case. He was successful because of the support of Anton Hrnko (SNS) chairman.

"It is the fundamental reminder that the government's suggestion is to lead the head of the police into the office, to be elected by a large majority, and the government can not future bid. " My proposal, in particular, changes " Galko said.

As he does, he still does not know. "There are only two opportunities, either Anton Hrnko thinks that my proposal is right and then I expect the NHS to also support the lapse, and the second It's a choice that he has done a Smeru-SD trick so that the NHS can do something. They will be issued for a separate vote and will not go away, " as well as Galko.

The Interior Interior (MoI) of SR is not responding to & # 39; question about whether the change of social change is. "MoI will examine the changes that have been submitted to the committees in their context, and during the second reading in the full series, the individual transformations to express, " report on the media department. Pot raised again that the worst ones include the good law currently on Police Crimes, conflict with the European General Regulations. As the CIS swears on Gal's tide change, it is not yet clear.

The change of government itself says that the president of the police should continue to be the Interior Minister, except on the basis of an election procedure and only by the Parliament's Security Committee's recommendation. Named four years with capacity to reinstate. The Election Committee, the Protection and Security Committee and the Minister should therefore need to be needed. The policing review will affect these changes, which will be set up by the Audit Service.

In law, only a member of the College has been in the post for at least ten years appointed as President of the State; The police. The Minister is able to apply for major reasons, but he has to be able to appeal to; committee at least. Changes are also waiting for police inspection. The amendment of the Act constitutes a provision for the Office of the Audit Service to create member crimes; Find and Investigate Armed Forces Organization, and Analyze the Policing of Police. The head of the inspection is led by the office, which should be accountable to the government.

The Auditor also will select in & # 39; a selection procedure, his role will also be the responsibility of the National Security Committee's recommendation. Even in this case, a seven-member election board will be made by the matters, as in the case of a president's seat; police. The word also has a committee.

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