The Czechs have also fought in the Sauce Lige for the second time: Slòcaia is descending from Section B

Starting Outcomes Online:
19. 11. 2018, 20:45


1: 0

Sinobo Stadium (Prague)


aims: 32. Schick. YC: 13. Pavelka (CZE), 89. Dočkal (CZE) – 45. Škrtel (SVK), 69. Skriniar (SVK). judge: Alejandro Hernandez – Teodoro Nephew, Raúl Cabanero – Ricardo De Burgos, José Luis Munuera Montero – Roberto del Palomar (All Spo). Viewers: 16 623.

CZE List:

Vaclik – Kadeřábek, Čelůstka, Kalas, Novák – T. Souček – Vydra (64. Gebre Selassie), Dočkal, Pavelka, Jankto (76. Krejčí) – Schick (82. Doležal).


Dúbravka – Pekarík, Škrtel, Skriniar, Hancko – Bero, Greguš (58. Duda), Hamšík – Rusnák (58. Mak), Zreľák (79. Nemec), Stoch.


Thank you for your attention and I pray you all night breaks.

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The Czech Republic receives land as home and will be held in Section B of the Nations League. Hungarian players have not made a fantastic opportunity today and are lower in the next edition of this competition.

The only goal Patrik Schick was in 32 minutes out was that Dúbravka was from the end of the sixteenth after the slackers of Slocach failed in the middle of his death. record.

Member was arrested: 43%: 57%.
News 2: 2nd Shots off: 5: 3rd corners: 7: 6 Offsides: 2: 1. fancies: 12:15.

90 + 3 minutes

Stochov, or Makov did not replace Hancock right. Unfortunately, Slòcaia plays a bad game today.

90 + 2 minutes

There is time for one attack, Dúbravka has long gone.

90 + 1 minute

It is three minutes.

90 minutes

The Jeans start with an ointment, their eyes will be pulled out; connect to the fourth converter.

89 mins

Her yellow card is given by Bořek Dočkal (Czech Republic).

88 minutes

Theodor Gebre Selassie receives another prize for good after the adverse impact of Ondrej Duda.

87 mins

Ondrej Dud can not follow the Bundesliga gort in the national team. The target after this photo is not coming, the audience in Prague already has a & # 39; celebrate celebrating in category B of the Nations League.

86 minutes

Róbert Mak with Bero in great lime. Mak was still playing with water, he only got a Japanese player.

85 minutes

Matúš Bero has helped help fight with Součekom, but the ball is cleared by Vaculík.

84 mins

Martin Doležal was fighting not to opposing Hancka, who owns his & her; member, just for a few seconds. Dúbravka is lamenting to play.

83 mins

After arriving he reached the stage and was under the care of Bořek Dočkal. Slovak team received safety.

82 mins

Progressed in the Czech Republic: Patrik Schick is leaving Martin Doležal.

80 minutes

Without Souceka sent from outside to box. The last member turned away from the gate and went to the corner.

79 minutes

Slòcaia Team Sub: Adam Zreľák leaving Adam Nemec.

77 mins

Hamsik was not needed in the middle of his / her center to go to; Coming into an odd round in the corner with Gebre Selassio. The breakout the other player had to & # 39; end in another way. In his agreement, Krejci and Schick were attacked, but it was completely easy to find. It's a poor chance.

76 mins

Progressed in the Czech Republic: Jakub Jankto leaves Ladislav Krejčí.

75 minutes

The ball did not make it from the far side of the field.

74 mins

The Czechs attack slowly and quickly. Pavelka was very hard on the box. Even strong, b & # 39; It is the home now they were traveling and going to; get to the point.

73 minutes

After another one of the clubs from Spišmachra Bořka Dočkal was only kicked from the Slovak gate. Conclusion a little surprise with the Exit.

72 mins

There was a mistake from defending the side of the house after 26 minutes to allow Jakub Jankto to get through. Martin Škrtel coach went through the team's attack team on the field.

70 minutes

There are 16,623 spectators present at this meeting today.

69 minutes

The Dockal center fell on the Kalas head, finishing next to the Dúbravka Series.

69 minutes

Milan Škriniar sees her & # 39; yellow card after Škrtel. He made a mistake on Schick's fight.

68 minutes

Stoch had no difficulty in accepting the booklet from Gebre Selassie. Slocker can not create a chance to visit.

67 mins

Jakub Jankto was lying for a minute on the garden. Everything is right, Jankto will continue with his game.

66 mins

Patrik Schick was on his way to Dockalov's right lob, but his sand was out of his / her; box.

65 minutes

Direct visit to the Czech Republic. Why was Duckal's duck in the morning?

64 mins

Progressed in the Czech Republic: Matěj Vydra's pages, Theodor Gebre Selassie are coming.

63 minutes

Matěj Vydra defended defensive duties when Hanck had no chance to stretch to the left.

62 mins

After two minutes we recorded the filip of Filip Novák. The long cars did not hit one of the people in the red gate.

60 minutes

At the end, Duda did not stop, but he did not try hunting; on the Vaclek Gateway.

59 mins

Duda is getting involved in the attack immediately, but the middle of Hanck was losing. It's a corner of Slovenia for at least.

58 mins

Moving back in Slovakia: Ján Greguš is a & # 39; leaving Ondrej Duda.
Together with the Slovakian team: Albert Rusnák has left, Róbert Mak has a & # 39; come.

57 mins

Tomáš Souček, only for Milan Skriniar, started from the area of ​​her penalty. Guesters turn.

55 mins

The Jokes were protected themselves and they started to break up immediately. Matěj Vydra could not use this option, it was restricted on the side, and so it was not possible. lose his chance to be at risk.

54 mins

The center also came from the right, Peter Pekarík gets a corner break at Kareřábka.

53 mins

Left Hancko left to look for Zrelak, it was not successful and no use.

52 mins

Matúš Bero was refused to build the second yellow card in the game.

50 mins

The Sackets will turn the same balls from the wings properly. After changing the sides, however, Pavel Happal became more important.

49 mins

Schick got a good chance to reduce the score score for Schick after 6 minutes, but could not only look at a problem as the strike hit where he was; bar.

48 mins

Jankto relaxed on his left wing, looking for Dockal. However, it was in the snow just outside the gateway, especially for her.

46 mins

Matěj Vydra took his right wing, but did not find any interest before Dúbravko.

46 mins

Second half began.

The first half of the half-clans were wholly built by our football players, but turned off and the people of the home were getting more and more on the way, and they were also struggling to make the effort. The second half of the game is really interesting to us.

45 mins

Mail & # 39; first half just the second one.

45 mins

The yellow card will be obtained by Martin Škrtel (Slobhacia).

44 minutes

There was no rainfall of a lot of rain effort, and so our football fans can express it.

43 mins

Our current football does not play at all. Martin Dúbravka now, but he lost the skipper's home end.

42 mins

Soucek came to a dangerous end, but it was very close.

41 mins

Martin Škrtel has to score the score to Patrik Schick, who has enough room for a well-planned picture.

40 minutes

David Hank did not look for Miroslav Stoch, so the team's activity is finished.

39 mins

Jankto was very fast when Raúl Cabanero caught him in the situation he was in.

38 mins

The first action is slow, but it is close to its head. The ball is currently holding football players in white dress.

37 mins

Pavelka, who was lucky enough to see her, was lucky enough, and fortunately for her guest, was by her side.

35 mins

Jan Gregus is now right now and clearly the Checkstops stop.

33 mins

An everyday selection is a very challenging task when they need to make at least 2 visitors in about an hour if they want to take place in group B.

32 mins

The Czech Republic was visiting!
PATRIK SCHICK was frightened with the chance, the shot at the visitor point was just right and the picture was done just. However, Jakub Jankt made an amazing saving.

30 minutes

We have half an hour of successful play behind us. The Slock team is still more active.

29 minutes

Filip Novák was in a fight with Alberto Rusnák shortly after that, so he made illegal work.

28 mins

Home problems want a general situation, but their requests have not been heard.

27 minutes

The rifle fights in a duel against Kalasso and so the ball falls to the home team.

26 minutes

After the defeat of Jan Gregus, the Czech executed dangerously, but fortunately Martin Škrtel was blamed.

25 minutes

Matúš Bero was asked to eliminate the Czech act by Bořek Dočkal.

24 minutes

The Slovak brokerage was not successful, when the rectangle was for protection too long.

23 minutes

After half the half, home-based players also awaken.

22 minutes

Fortunately for our choice, Patrik Schick introduced a promising position, so Matus Bero could stop it.

21 minutes

Alber Rusnák was removed from her & # 39; case and got a free jack for foul.

20 minutes

The home team came to an end trying to push Bořek Dočkal.

19 mins

Dávid Hancko made his way through the middle, but Adam Zreľák continued to defeat his / her case; left then to a degree that he did not believe after breaking the corner.

17 minutes

Hamsik was not unhappy in the sixth opponent, where his passport was completed in the twelfth time.

16 minutes

In breaking the corner, Greguš made a ring by Janktom foul.

15 minutes

The Slovaks did not succeed but re-visited by the beat of the corner.

14 minutes

Marek Hamšík could start our team! After a long time, down Meadow Mead's almost half.

13 minutes

Yellow Pavelka receives a yellow card (Czech Republic).

12 mins

Marek Hamšík came close to placing the visiting team into one of the leading leaders, but the member was a member. going out of harmony from the crops.

11 mins

Patrik Schick did not succeed in fulfilling a 1-to-1 game with Martin Škrtel, so there is a blessed Czech danger.

10 mins

At Prague's playground, "Slócaia!" Hear it clearly. He is now heard. He will definitely drive more and more football players.

9 mins

Adam Zrelak challenges the Czech Republic game. The home side was thrown into an unjust pass that ended with Milan Škriniar.

8 mins

Dave Hancko was sent out for his left-hand case, but passed a pass from the defense player.

7 mins

Milan Škriniar was not allowed to take off the ball by scanning.

6 mins

After the work of Petr Pekarík, the first football coach of Slovakia will be able to go. play.

5 minutes

The Miroslav Stocha Center did not find the right request when it ends with Filip Novák.

4 mins

Filip Novák resists the entire position with just a long beat and so the ball is again on our socks.

3 minutes

At present the ball is held by Swedish football players who give a short pass on their own.

2 minutes

Matúš Bero did not resist Ondrej Pavelk, and he only won for our team.

1 min

A meeting just started.

Beginning assemblies:

Czech Republic: Vaclik – Kadeřábek, Čelůstka, Kalas, Novák – T. Souček – Vydra, Dočkal (C), Pavelka, Jankto – Schick.
Representatives: Pavlenka, Koubek – Gebre Selassie, Brabec, Krejci, Darida, Stronati, Skalak, Pudil, Dolezal, M. Frydek, Travnik.

Slovakia: Dúbravka – Pekarík, Škrtel (C), Skriniar, Hancko – Bero, Greguš, Hamsik – Rusnák, Zreľák, Stoch.
Representatives: Kozáčik, Rodák – Weiss, Hrošovský, Duda, Nemec, Durish, Mak, Hubocan, Sabo, Vavro.

judge: Alejandro Hernandez – Teodoro Nephew, Raúl Cabanero – Ricardo De Burgos, José Luis Munuera Montero – Roberto del Palomar (All Spo).

Welcome to watch online text transfer today from the most important but most important game UEFA Nations League. In a game in Prague Sinobo Stadium we will learn the name of a league C and the one who is in league B.

Its first federal derby finished in the & # 39; this competition Of the Czech Republic 1: 2. In Trnava he opened the score Michael Krmenčík, which he answered for 10 minutes Marek Hamšík. The success of the Slobhaka team has come to an end in the Czech Republic's goal. He was elected an agent Patrik Schick.

Slovakia On Friday he received three very important points when home was not allowed Ukraine. His first game was under the control of a new coach stick with the Slocka delegates to the best winner and winner of his & Our group to enter home by sending us a ' 4: 1. The goal was not wrong Albert Rusnak, Jura Kucka, Adam Zrelak and Róbert Mak. The biggest star was taken by the guests Map Unlock (Open).

For a non-negotiation position in the table, as well as a tight loss Switch and lose 1: 0 on & # 39; Ukraine. Then, Slovakia collected only one goal in the 80th minute, when he put the whiteboard on Andriy Yarmolenko.

The duel is today under an experienced conveyor screen Spanish. It will have the greatest responsibility Alejandro Hernandez, who they help with the lines Teodoro Nephew and Raúl Cabanero. Sixteen will be under the order Ricardo De Burgos and José Luis Munuera Montero. Rotation and time are in care Roberto del Palomar.

Prague is waiting for us today, as we will We discovered to escape from our cousin struggle. He is currently going to the bottom league Slovakia, because he has a worst game and so he gives a banner Pavela Hapala 3 points must be won.

Betting Offices put the bowls slightly to the side of the house where the problems are around 2.3. On the other hand, our choice is up to 3.2. Today's players have been playing a game, and now there are many ideas on the front of the field. Sit down and enjoy the present duel in our presence.

Welcome to online transfer. A meeting starts at 20:45.

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