The final season is back in development

Members of the original Telltale team are also involved in the game.

Around the last row The Walking Dead Season Season it's been enough to do that, and so I just make it simple. In September, Telltale Games developers told them that they could pack them up and get their certificate. Only a few of the staff were living in the studio, and players, in fact, were also disappointed, because many had bought the game, He stayed without the last two programs.

Then the studio went into the game Skybound, who had the rights to complete his game and made sure that the game ends. Today, the studio has commented on the state of the last two programs.

Depending on this view, so that they can work on the last two programs. So far, they need to solve a number of legal and substantive problems and, indeed, the two programs will not return to the dates originally announced, but we have to wait for them for a while. Anyway, they are already working on completion and the date of these two programs will be published sooner.

In addition, according to the information provided by the company Skywall is working on several original Telltale Games developers.


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