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The firemen went to fight with Kysucia's headstones, their own behavior

The walk that was started to fight the ice cubes in Turzovka was going to catch it off; local hill.

Today, firefighters set fire from heavy devices, including walking excavations, to remove ice cubes in the Kysuca river in Turzovka, part of Vysny Koniec. They wanted to stop it from breaking the footbridge after the height of the river rose about two meters.

However, according to Aktuality.sk from the reader from Turzovka, the method that was inserted into this section was finally required because the ice is moving apart. It also has a video video right from the place of the event. We will publish it with permission from Radoslav Bital.

See authentic images from Turzovka:

The tramp was finally completed

The ice-break ban was nearly 600 meters long. Firemen watch the stream of the river from Turzovka to Kysucké Nové Mesto to go to; avoid any obstacles and other drainage. Information about the TASR was provided by the Area Director and Rescue Group (HaZZ) in Zilina, Jaroslav Kapusniak.

He said the ice plugin was released once before 7pm. "Maoir named the third phase afternoon of flooding activity. Part of the nose was in the 50 meter section, that's why we started to walk on digging. The cubic mask ice is dropped, going to Chad and over, "he said.

Unregistered trees beside the river

The reason was captured, according to the regional leader of HaZZ in Zilina, willow and unassigned shrubs at the edge of the river. Ice was broken, and there was flood of the river and drain. Firefighters still pay attention to them.

"We will also watch the Kysuca and Orava rivers on Sunday (3 February)," said Kapusniak, telling the meters on the Kysuca river stream, could be in an emergency situation if there was an event- ice.

Tonight at Mayor Turzovka Ľubomír Golis told TASR that the situation is improving well. "Nature's own advice. We call the third phase of floods," he finished.

The Hydrometeorological Slovak Institute (SHMÚ) gave a flood warning on Saturday afternoon for several sections of the Zilina Department, which is Kysuce, Orava, Liptov and Horné Považie.

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