The football players lost the 0: 1 Czech Republic and in the League of Nations they came to Division C

Slaco football players lost to the Czech Republic 0: 1 and in the League of Nations came down to Section C. The decrease also means that salads will not be used in the third basket but they will have strong enemies when they qualify for Euro 2020.

Schick's only 32 minute goal.

There was Pavel Hapal, a Slobhacia coach, after his first game was & # 39; celebrate their first game on & # 39; national body. Next year, he will wait for his winners to qualify for ME 2020, which will take place on 2 December in Dublin.

Winners match / RTVS /:

Pavel Hapal, coach SR: "I think we did not play a bad game at all, especially at the beginning. But we played complex and we did not have a clear chance. We put a lot of obstacles there. The enemy won. We tried to play it comfortably, we should make it easier. "

Marek Hamšík, pòla meadhain SR: "We had a hard-haired game. We had our first 20 minutes, but the Czechs overwhelmed us, we punished our mistakes in the" They played a simpler and simple play. We had a start, but we wanted more. We tried to make up, but we did not have a clear chance. "

Matúš Bero, midfielder SR: "I do not think we played a bad event, unfortunately, there was a bad danger from the enemy. It's a hard field, I do not want a fool do, but probably just for making our game a little easier. "

Miroslav Stoch, medium pole SR: "On the one hand, I tried to know that I was playing at the Slavia stadium. We're disappointed, we wished to win here. It's not possible to do anything, we need to go further. We were still trying to do something about it, but the Czechs performed well. There were some fears, but we did not accept it. We lost the last pass.

Czech Republic – Slovakia 1: 0 (1: 0)

  • love: 32. Schick. ŽK: Pavelka, Dockal – Škrtel, Škriniar. They decided: Hernandez – Nephew, Cabanero (every Spanish), 16,623 spectators
  • Czech: Vaclik – Kadeřábek, Čelůstka, Kalas, Novák – Souček – Vydra (64. Gebre Selassie), Dočkal, Pavelka, Jankto (76. Krejčí) – Schick (82. Doležal)
  • Slovakia: Dúbravka – Pekarík, Škrtel, Škriniar, Hancko – Greguš (58. Duda) – Rusnák (58. Mak), Bero, Hamšík, Stoch – Zreľák

Game & Game

Hapal made two changes in the basic set compared to the Trnava game. Bero was placed in the middle of the Kucka box, Stoch leaned on the maka instead of Maka.

Both teams were always aware and did not make many attacks. The Hawks tried to run Schick and Vydra quickly, however Hamšík responded with a six-sixth picture, but went to the middle of the visit and Vaccine had no problem.

Hampson was hoping to try the Pekarík effort a few minutes later, the Czech gauge removed the ball from the hill. The Socks were increasingly active and the corner is active. started, but they did no harm to Vaclik, even after Stocks and Centrik Hancock.

Then the Czech came, but Duckal did not get a crew with a backpack. The passport expanded live in the home, in 32 minutes Jankto put a bend for the protection of the SR, Schick did and after a brief contact with the Dúbravku member – 1: 0.

Shortly, Pavelka came to the end of eleven and did not play them in a good position. A ball split on the corner of Souce's head, which did not control it between the three lines.

Dočkal had even greater access to his leadership, but the Dvvravka strike was just from the side. The Czech Republic hit the half-time and went into the clever room with a clear direction.

The home was also the start of the second shot, but many of the promising devices did not end the dangerous end and did not use the numbers of both leadership. The unexpected development of Hapal responded in 58 minutes with two trips, Duda went to Gregus and Mak to Rusna moved.

Duda came directly to a park with a high upward picture and Slock left half an hour to turn the score. However, they did not use continuous pressure, since the Hawks could break down the slashing line. He hoped to pull on the Mak, who passed over Kadeřábek and asked Bera, who had not resigned his career in the sixty years.

The Schoacchers gave a great mistake to the opponent in the game, and Škrtel needed a fire at the Jankta picture. Hapal Nemca put on top of the attack, Mak was active, but Duda did not have the same opportunity.

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