The French government wants temporary leadership in Renault

Paris, November 20 (TASR) – The French government will endeavor to set up a temporary direction in Renault, after being a director and chairman of the managers of Carlo Ghosno in Japan. It was said by Bruno Le Maire, the economy minister for the French Information.

Ghosn is not in such a situation "can lead a group," Le Maire said. "However, we did not ask Ghosno to leave the board for a simple reason, and we have no evidence and continue the legal process," he said, he hopes to ask the Japanese authorities to give him the information he had received from Nissan to find out what is right in the face of Gosn in France.

There is 15% in the French state in Renault, which owns 43.4% in Nissan. Ghosn is also the leader of the Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi.

The Japanese media on Monday said that spending costs to break the Finance Act. The Nissan car has been named Whistleblowera for several months of unfortunate practices that Gosn and vice-director Greg Kelly have. She stated that Tokyo stock exchange companies' statements were below the real value of the Gosn compensation.

After arresting the arrest report, the French authorities have looked at Ghosno's tax issues in France, with Le Maire confirmed, but have not found anything.

The aim is to create a temporary management structure for Ghosn hold.

The craftsman confirmed that the board would meet later on Tuesday.

Le Maire also said he would come to her local colleague in Japan. And again he made France a priority to ensure Renault's sustainability. He also remembered that Renault's partnership was there with Nissan for the benefit of France and Japan, and the two companies.

However, Renault has been weakened after those reports, which need quick action, stressed by the minister.

The Renault section started trading at Tuesday 2.8 per cent after falling by 8.4 per cent on the previous day.

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