The Game Metro Game title was 50% better than in 2013, but it was not enough

The game title that has been waiting out in the format of Metro Exodus, which is said to be something that the gaming company had not seen previously, was available for play fans for a & # 39; fourth day. Due to the Steam movement to the Epic Games Shop, there were several concerns related to sales or profits thereafter, but were not required.

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That's why the slight differences that just arise before the official distribution of the overall income has had a significant impact. This is proof of what Britain is Class according to which Metro Exodus sold its first day with more than one copy as it was; before from 2013 in the form of Metro: Last Light.

There were not even big sales figures, however enough to do to The first game to play was the last game Far Cry: New Night. On the other hand, however, crackdown from Crackdown 3, who had the selling figures just for the 13th most weakest. Many of the key failures are the bad status or chance of Pass Pass Game Xbox. Eventually, but not only, the high-quality 10 did not miss as busy games Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA 19, Resident Evil II and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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