The government is preparing a megainvesticiu in Košice. In a new strategic park, 1,300 people need to work

Košice 20 November 2018 (HSP / Photograph: TASR-Milan Kapusta)

In recent months, there was talk about other car manufacturers in Slobhacia, which is BMW in the Haniska town of Košice. Despite the fact that a great Germanic car manufacturer does not; building its plant, the government may have a major business park building that has a strategic focus here. They told Hospodárske noviny about this

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It's about an investment worth more than a billion euros for a region of around 900 hectares, where around 1,300 employees could be recruited. Haniska Business Park accepted the strategic investment situation at the April meeting.

The government and Ministry of Economy have not yet been able to inform the hard tasks. The Hospodárske Noviny said every day that it is especially regarded by two interested parties: the Chinese ZhiDou and Czech Škoda maker.

According to its investment plan on the Environment Ministry's website, it is & # 39; The estimated business site cost is around EUR1 billion.

The start of the strategic park is scheduled for next year. The construction head is considered by its offerder two years later.

The implementation of a strategic park should be recruited by many people. The intention is to employ 1,300 staff.

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