The main story is 50 years old

There are five crosses on his back! In 1960 a competition for a commercial and social center was launched on the east of Bratislava. He was awarded an architect of Ivan Matusik, who was 30 years old.

Initially, he had an idea of ​​a new business and social center, the generous solution planned was not finished but in part. The trading house, which came from the 1960s and is familiar with its Prime Minister, celebrating the fiftieth day of those days. As the time was with him, the Sales House was a & # 39; First of its kind in Czechoslovakia when it was realized and introduced a new sale model.

According to the expert Katarina Nádaskej, without Priority one of the first major sources in the social world and even there were some of the first rubbish. "Prior was also prior to the social block by obtaining a training center itself where he trained for his own staff," explained the ethnologist.

According to her, they had their own studio, their professional organizers, and the decoration was always right. Initially, the establishments were made by people of the old age who respected our password: our customers, our master. "It was not the social enterprises, but the people in care were to offer products first-hand," she said.

1988 - Wednesday Open the gallery

During that time, as well as Priora, the Kiev Hotel and three nearby administrative buildings were also. The birthplace of the regional source that is also popular with people; celebrate the birth of Bratislava. "There were vegetable stallions, drug users, and we were always here. Then everything had gone away and they built the Prior and Kiev behind. At that time we went to ; look forward, "Ida said (70).

Are you interested in the project:

  • It was completed in 1968
  • The Kiev Hotel ended in 1973
  • The connection building with commercial facilities was built in 1978
  • They put 36 million crowns involved in construction
  • The first time they opened at 6:00 a.m. on the morning of November 20, 1968 and they helped arm cars to keep people out there; waiting in the crowd
  • In the shop is an art work with the architect Jozef Kočiš, a famous zvonkohrou clock called "Bratislava Clock Clock"
  • The region's shop replaced three names, but Prior the most famous
  • In 2006, the department and hotel store was included in the national and international DOCOMOMO record

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