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The Mars One project ends. The reason is a bankruptcy

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It's a sad message, but it's like that. His company wanted to get their human race to Mars. obstruct all work. The reason is a bankruptcy.

But this happened in January, as confirmed by a list of one of the network users reddit.

What is the Mars One project?

It was a constitution; what was expected Mars spread. Mars One was divided into two companies (parts). One time she was Mars One Foundation nonprofit group and the other is the same meeting, Mars One Ventures.

Mars One Ventures Report

Switzerland AG Dimensions bankrupt bankrupt on January 15, with value up to now $ 100 million (€ 88 million). In contrast, Mars One Ventures PLC, registered in the United Kingdom, there was no claim on its account 20,000 dollars (17,000 euros).

How is it deserving?

What the company is doing is not prioritized, we do not have basic information yet. Bas Lansdorp, the whole father says that the base is still working, but that he can not move further without further investment.

The aims of this project have been controversial while & # 39; they are there, and many have suspected to be conferred. As we can see, it does not seem to have been very successful yet.

But things can change. We will tell you exactly about the new information about Mars One.

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