The Migration Agreement also includes the nearest Smerators section. This is how the expert says!

Former Prime Minister Robert Fico published on Sunday a video on the social network that clearly sets out the Compact Global European Nations on Migration. "The Charter does not make the difference between legal and illegal migration and is based on the principle that migration is good, and helps to solve the problems of the world and be a source of success. But our different idea, " Fico said. At the same time, he stressed that many of the economic migrants who enter Europe are doing. pose risks to protecting people's security or increasing the risk of causing terrorism. "The agreement is not a legal agreement, but it is a powerful political document. Negotiably must be treated with Slovakia," he said that the next parliamentary meeting should have a clear place to be bound by all who settle into immigration.

Interestingly enough, even at the beginning of November, the Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák held the political document. Accordingly, the Charter does not allow anyone to do anything. "On the other hand, it is clear that it is a sovereign right for each state to create its immigration policy and to decide on who is to take over its borders" he said.

At the same time, he said that the eyes of migration, which is a reality today, look like the child's behavior. "Migrants are people who leave the country for better work than persecution; our peers are also in the USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, 100,000 Soviet citizens in the UK," the Lajčák was working. He also asked for a detailed conversation. "We can talk about the paper as much as we want, but let's talk about what exists and mean, and we do not have some ideas that we are committed to accepting x migrate and pay them x hundreds of euros a month. There is nothing more from the truth as a result of how many people are actively involved, " said Lajčák. After the video, Fic made his point. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic has proven strongly that the Compact Global is an essential and useful document that is in any way to conflict with the known Slovakian occupations on migration and so he is worthy of our support " Lajčákov, Boris Gandel spokesman for Plus ONE DAY said. At the same time, however, he added. that his ministry, "as well as the Smer-SD party chairman, confirms that the most effective protection of the interests of a Slovak Republic in migration issues is to cause our reasons directly at the conference in Marrakech, and thus do our national situation as part of the official documents of the conference.

Against the NHS government agreement, the SaS challenging, & # 39; It is a family that we only have, Most of Hid, saying he does not oppose the sovereignty of Sacaka. At the same time, the Lajčák continues to & # 39; opposition to the president's election pressure. "As I said several times, I appreciate the support that Slovakians appear in surveys, but I do not plan to stand for the head election and I want to continue to focus on foreign policy, " He made a recital for our diary.

Expert: It is good to get a global contract

The World Immigration Agreement, according to Radovan Giesta, is required for the world. "Immigration is a global problem. It is a good agreement to have a global agreement on the fundamental principles that we want to address this general problem," he said. At the same time, he said that the same fraudulent debate about Pakte is also done in other countries. If Schoacc has failed to support her & # 39; Consensus, Geist would look unusual. "It would seem strange, as Miroslav Lajčák was at the end of the UN's 72nd General Assembly at the time of its" Consent " He decided.

Michaela Barnová. TASR

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