Monday , February 24 2020
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The minister of health is a misunderstanding feeling of political struggle

Kalavska again stressed Monday that she would not take into account any decision "in both medical and economic terms". He also argues that the review of drug reimbursement is not true for seven years. "We're reviewing every quarter, and every time we saved four to five million jewels a year, that's about 20 million a year," he said. she explained. It also recognizes that the system needs "cleaning".

At the same time, she said they did not like the answer of the SaS challenger, what she called "Populist". The Liberals say that the Ministry of Health (MZ) of the Slovak Republic is 64 to 72 million a year, without the inclusion of a review of medication. So, they have decided to make a notice to the Minister. "If I reclaim this re-election, the same party would come and said that Kalavaska was successful in Pente, the Trust was successful, and Kalavska still said that the patient was ill. first patient, but that we would also make extra payments for the patient to be economically active for a warrant or patent or pensioner, " said the minister.

On the one hand, Kalavska understands the calculations of the Value-for-Money Department and also names them correctly, but added as a doctor who would not make any name on a document that patients would pay in some cases even 2000 euros.

Several patient agencies advocated their missionary decision without having a ' signing the review. Her move also received open support from the head of the Cardiology and Angiology Department of the National Heart Disease Institute, Robert Hatal, who reminded that the review should be considered "to be able to do it;, also head of the Department of Oncohematology at the Department of Medicine at the University of Comenius and the National Institute of Oncology Ľuboš Drgoňa, President of the Health Health Association of Ľubomír Izáková and President of the Society for the Protection of Patient Rights Maria Lévyová.

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