The missing 47-year-old was found in the 'Great Fatra' by dead mountain rescuers

Mountains from Veľká Fatra Regional Center asked police from Slovenská Ľupča to help find a 47-year-old tourist from Slovakia.

The speaker has said that he has been on a voyage in such a place in Veľká Fatra, from where he would go to the bothy. When he didn't return from a weekend trip and didn't come to work, the relatives told him he had not been there. Informing the Mountain Rescue Service (HZS) on their site.

“The police made their mobile phone with the area. 11 rescue service personnel were introduced to the area with three service dogs and at the same time we asked a team of the Ministry of Defense within the Slovak Republic. HZS have discovered personal possessions through the earth investigation, "HZS said.

With the help of air travel technology, eight mountain rescue workers who arrived ashore at the area explored the area between Krížna and Ploska.

The last group named a dead body in the center, falling from Suchý vrch to Zelená dolina, and with a helicopter crew, two rescuemen lived in the bay directly at the body. EIG.

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