The most famous gold medal was surprised: he did not enter it into the food in the dust

Goldmine's famous name, Courtney Stodden, has not been known for a long time. But now they talk about the word again. Recently, she is trying to & # 39; broadcast on AfterBUzz TV, where she set out her exhibition. But to make a good advertisement, she had to pay attention to her before the uptake came.

And it's more effective than appearing again. It is the problem that Courtney has been exposed to us on both sides more than twice. But the blonde has found a path completely. She decided to go into the food except the underground door and his trench coat.

When she built a picture for her, she looked awesome and embarrassing as if she wanted to draw attention, and so she & she; going to be buying mostly. Ktovie, what those people thought in the shop.


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