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The NAKA will deal with the Kováčik's 200-year investment

The police deal with a criminal issue in pre-trial proceedings.

10 Apr 2019 at 17:17 TASR

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Bratislava. The accused's Dušan Kováčik bank's case action lies in the pre-trial.

Police president Milan Lučanský Wednesday said that he had asked the police president and that the case had been moved into the research and that the matter had been resolved.

They made a mistake at Kováčik's investment

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"Examination of errors occurred as the check could not deal with the bank's confidentiality. It was discovered that there were failures in the check. The control will cover a disciplinary sanction based on these failures. " Because it is not a law enforcement body, it did not want to give any more information.

Police spokesman Presidium Denisa Balogh also said that the National Crime Agency's National Anti-Pollution Unit (NAKA) is addressing the issue and the inspector will decide on another function within the legal time. .

“Given that it is a criminal matter at criminal trial stage which is fundamentally non-public, we will provide no further information on that issue,” she said.

Under its advice, law enforcement authorities work in a non-public manner to clarify the law properly and identify the person or offenders.

It is really true that he commits that the verification process will be successful.

The blacksmith installed more than 200,000

In February, N reported that Kováčik had invested in EUR 204,000 in his bank account.

He said the money came from a brother. The bank gave an account of the work for the police. The smith used the money to buy a boy's house. Costing the house 270,000 euro, the son paid over.

Special Solicitor Dušan Kováčik objected to the loan information. "Each scenario is providing the loan upon which they are fully complying with the relevant legislation, the morale and the confidence of the public official," said Jana Tököly. office for the Advocates' Office (PPP).

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