The number of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is increasing

Multiple Sclerosis is an uncommon disease – the immune system is hostile to its & # 39; body.

There are around 8,000 patients with many splerosis living in Slovakia. "Increase their number, and this can be caused by early diagnosis and in particular by promoting a patient's life," said Jarmila Fajnorová, President of the Slovak Scleroris Association Multiplex (SZSM), for TASR.

Scattered sclerosis

The disease will affect the strange system, the brain and the back wheel. It belongs to uncommon infection, ie those in which the security system is & # 39; fight with his body. In particular, it attacks the fiberglass and its device; spoil them.

When someone is damaged, he often says he has sclerosis. The neurologist Branislav Brezhny, however, indicates that sclerosis is not like sclerosis. If the disease is hitting her & # 39; Oral cerebral, which is dependent on mental activity, the clinical presence of a person with vasarian sclerosis is evident. "Multiple sclerosis" is also known as many sclerosis, as many of the disease centers are spread throughout the brain, "explained TASR Brezhny.

From the first signs to the development of the clinical condition of illness, it may be a number of years. Often, its first feature is to & # 39; tiredness, weakness and inflammation of the genes. Usually the patient does not care and does not; Seeing a doctor because he does not think that this situation is terrible, "says a neurologist, who adds to that disease, magic disorder, fair dispute, and walking lines; appear in patients.

I do not know why the disease is

"There are different differences and often at multiple-scale sclerosis. That's why it is not easy to prove and it can be the result of an experienced neurologist," said Brezhny , but the problem is the most difficult to limit speed and tiredness. "Patients who do not move, they will not come in. Even in a small exercise they weaken and Try to rest, "said Fajnor. For more difficult movement problems, patients use walking sticks, French bars, walkers and wheelchairs. Affecting a mobile device makes it harder.

Experts do not yet know the proper cause of illness. The infection can cause infection diseases. "More than one hundred viruses have been confirmed after disease," said Brezhny. Experts say that the environment can have a detrimental effect and more population hygiene standards, stress, nutritional uses or factories. vitamin D deficiency and smoking, especially in young women, "said Brežný.

There is a more frequent event in women

"Multiple sclerosis does not occur from tribe to tribe, although it occurs more often than the rest of the population in families where the disease is," said a neurologist, who In teenagers and twenties, about three times longer in women according to the SZSM, the general sclerosis is the most common patient disorder that persists into disability.

As the main progress in the management and diagnostic of scandalous sclerosis, the neurologist considers searching techniques for new photographs and the introduction into medical practices. "A permanent regeneration image is the only design method that could damage the fragility of our fiber package. We will also map the effectiveness of the medicine," said Brezhny.

Progress in research on the introduction of new biological treatment can increase the amount of diversity sclerosis. "In the aftermath, the patient was diagnosed with a skeletal disorder, and women were not advised that they would have children, but today the patient is suffering from her illness. disease of life, able to care for the family, and the disability has moved for more than 15 years, "said SZSM officers.

The most important diet is

Treatment with a medication today uses financial, but full health insurance companies in Slovakia are covered. Around 2,000 patients are treated in this country, and in 2016 health insurance companies delivered more than 44 million euros. "But the patient is paying for vitamin and moisture, such as wooden fairies or pain," said the union.

"In the centers for the treatment of diversity sclerosis, we would like to get outdoors outside the areas as well as the neurologic, where the disease can be treated recycling, that is to say, a sudden flow of stress and the serious illness of the situation. There should be other medical professionals, such as astronomer, insignee, rehabilitation worker , a psychologist. Also an expert or a lawyer. We would like to make extensive care in one place that works in some of the European countries, "said Fajnor.

Sometimes stretching with other patients as part of psychotherapy

From the Labor Party, Social and Family Affairs Office, the patient can obtain grants for a variety of remedial facilities, a replacement of a barrier or a car required for individual transport, depending on the size of disability. In the Social Insurance Company, he / she may apply for an invalidity pension.

SZSM has a 25 club cover in Slovakia. For their members and others, they organize educational activities and workshops of a variety of physical activities with practical displays. Also rehabilitation to stay. "A meeting of patients with multiple splerosis is part of a psychotherapy," said Fajnor. The essential part of the SZSM annual activities is the abil-vision, a competitive study of the abilities and skills of people with disabilities, as part of the annual SZSM activities. more.

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