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The person who also smokes a & # 39; costs EUR 3,000 a year: Demand is involved in more than 20 diseases

Worm worm disease (COPD) causes a number of factors that affect people's health. Smoking, air, transport, and some of the most dusty dusty jobs to the lungs.

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"Active smoking is the most dangerous part. Participating in
more than 24 diseases, but up to 80% of cases cause COPD.
The WHO World Organization believes that global tobacco dependence
unpleasant disease. Up to a third of the world's population over 15 years old with fog age and nine
out of ten people have been smoking for 18 years. While he was in 1990 he was
CHOCHP is the sixth most common cause of death in the world today
Fourth, and may be third in 2020. In the past
Slovakia has more people smoking, we record the number of women's increase, and in particular
they smoke more boys' girls, "
on the media on Monday
A conference in Bratislava was introduced by the fighter Helena Leščišinová.

His conference with speeches was held on November –
Spanish Moon, World Day of Severe Outcome Illness
International Day without Smoking. At the moment there are representatives of the Foundation
Funding for healthy lungs regularly contributes to education and rural education
actions for the public. This is also important because the people who are smoking
they do not understand how a disease is a? It is obviously unintentionally damaging the lungs.
Smoking can not be injured and its neatal effect is gradual. Unlike the
an accident or heart attack is not accidentally killed, but the disease will be disrupted; grow during
many years.

Even according to the leading expert of the Ministry of Health of the SR for
Pneumococcal and psychology of Marty Hájková, many of the smokers without regard
harm this standard.

Although COPD can not be cured, early diagnosis and use
Patient's proper medicine can be taken up to 25 years of quality life.
However, many patients are non-behaved and not

"The lungs were made to clear breath.
Patients who only come to the doctor are at an advanced stage of the disease and
it is harder. The output of the continuous release is in the body
to connect sensitive diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis,
cardiovascular problems, anemia and depression, suffering more than 40 per cent
people with COPD. It is not fitting if people know to smoke in public and
There are many TV shows on television where they often smoke. It is bad
especially young people, "
says Hájková.

Further heavy lung disease begins with breathless breath,
continuous coughing and mucus creation. Chicken pain,
muscle damage often, muscle reduction and other symptoms. To keep up
healthy lungs, many healthy alternatives are in a healthy one
way of life.

"Smoking is the same drug available
unhappy to enjoy. Average mines per year are 1300 cigarettes
3000. He also enhances healthcare costs as well. That mistake is
The health card does not describe who is in a position; smoking. Only unhealthy
The impact on you and the closest neighbors has to do with you; smoking even big
social damage. For example, Krásna fire
Hôrka "
Leščišina added.

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