The ports bridge and Bajkalska will be repeated. They want to get the public transport of the Bratislava out of a restriction – Economy – News

The flaglash will cover most traffic signs for the majority of Brigadvný (Bridge) to speed up public transport from Petržalka in the morning. If not, considering the lines to move to a second bridge. At the same time, it is not possible to travel for free on some public transport routes in Bratislava, which allowed a free tour for blocking the construction of the Bratislava bypass.

He will be opening the opening of a larger Prístavný Street to Bajkalská Street in the Bratislava
changing road markings in the future. position
The city therefore wants to resolve the problem for drivers and passengers in public transport
from Petrzalka to Ruzinov in the early hours of the busy hour it wasn't long before
Travel through the Port Bridge to Bajkalská Street. TASR about it
Bratislava spokesman Peter Bubla said there would be changes in local government
flat traffic signs on Gagarin Street.

Changing the flat traffic sign on the road out from the Port Bridge to Portmahomack
Bajkalská Street wants to separate the town from cars falling into the direction of Trnava.
vehicles which connect from Petržalka, including public transport vehicles. expected
the bringing in of vehicles on Bajkalská is clearer.

"If this measurement does not accelerate lines 98, 96 and 96
196 in the morning, we are thinking of moving these lines through most
Apollo. Even if it would be worse to run the "Prístavný" stop, it would be worse
and a few minutes longer to drive during the day, but passengers
at the top of the morning, depending on the available data which goes through the Dolnozemská section
and crossing Bajkalská / Prievozská twice as soon, "
Bubla to clarify.

The Bratislava self-government will change the traffic signs to zero
Gagarin Street by stopping the visibility of the original sign
They did not affect the drivers. "They will be bigger and flushed
Public transport routes for Gagarin Street,
replied the speaker.

Free ships are available

From 1 April, you will need to have a valid travel ticket again
trolleybuses 201, 202, 212 and bus 75 and
X72. During the six weeks to the end of March, passengers could travel
Free admission. The town was designed to attract people to public transport vehicles
instead of driving. It also cancels the half-discount
seven day tickets.


VIDEO: The flag day feels traffic every day at busy times
doom. Leave some help, but after they have done it properly
thick. Watch the Troubles and Helicopters on the TV in The Truth
in-bound on Port Bridge after holiday in early March. In the video
avoid the safety of the Bratislava at Port Bridge, alongside the pillars at it
go down to Bajkalská Street.

One year in traffic changing

There is a minimum of 1 year traffic at the capital. cargo
restrictions imposed on the construction of the D4 main road and the main A7 road, t
The first flag was left in February this year. At the same time, it's going on
also the construction of a new bus station at the Mlynské flood plain
hindering traffic from the surroundings. The town has decided to deal with traffic restrictions
decide, however, that he did not meet him well
transport experts and Bratislava citizens themselves. But you will
the town stands for this decision.

The city of the city recently commented on its daily Pravda
Thanks to Gagarinova's public transport routes it has been made into public transport
This was the quickest and most busy way of life in busy times
public transport passengers are traveling three times faster. Yet the truth remains
Because the cars in this street are almost every working day
traffic jams.

Buspruh was added in February to Bajkalská Street in front of Harbor
1 of the bridge, where the invalid element was from experts. Before and again
there are large columns in the morning on Harbor Bridge
The buses themselves are also 30 minutes away. Come to a stop
he's already gone down the busy road, he's also for the public


VIDEO: The road cops measured the driver in the section
The D1 road, which passes through the town, traveled at 164 km / h.
Watch the police video from a wild walk through Bratislava

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