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The robbers from Kňažka village have been reinforced the punishment

The court of the first place in Bratislava sent the penalty for a thief who was in a position; Driving into the city of Milan Kňažka, where the expolitik sent. Pavel Novotný was first given three years earlier, now they have been given him.

He stated that he was confirming penalties as his / her;'s first portal. The Bratislava district court grew the penalty for a man with Milan Kňazek Tuesday for five years and four months. Initially, Pavel Novotný received a three-year-old semester in June. However, Lucia Zitnanska, as Minister of Justice, has sent an incredible application to her; this opinion. According to his appeal, the law was broken as a result of Novotny. The High Court Assembly in July stopped the management and court of the district court again on Tuesday. Their judgment is still incomplete. Although Novotny did not apply at the place, that prosecutor could do so.

A Persian citizen, who was convicted several times, attended sentence in a jail in Hrnčiarovce nad Parnou (Trnava district). Novotny has taken the house of Examiner Kňažka at the beginning of the year. Milan Kňažko shot on his case, and thanked him at one of the meetings. The first actor said he had to get a tip. Who should get it, but he did not say loud. After the first decision, the priest introduced the President of the Seine "sleeping" and "put something in a pocket". When the judge threatened him, he answered her; Lady-maid he would give him him.

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