The Russian Russian team could also be over a woman, Roscommos said

An orbit station should be completed in 2030-35.

The first Russian arsons should go on; moon in the period after 2030. Purpose will last for 14 days.

In his presentation at a conference that was set up for 20 years from the operation of the International Speech Station (ISS), which took place on Monday in Moscow, according to TASS, his first interest – director of Energija Jevgenij Mikrin.

As a result, Roskosmos, leader of a Russian spas, Dmitry Rogozin, introduced that a woman could run the Russian mission team.

"We do not have a generic approach. On the other hand, professionalism is important. I do not want to get out, the team of the flying team and the purpose of the moon may be a woman, "explained Rogozin.

According to its moonlight search plan, its & # 39; The first team of his moon and moon; entering the orbit after a station trip. This station will also be built on the knowledge of the development of the ISS division of Russia.

An orbit station should be completed in 2030-35. He had to & # 39; Russian motif was first committed on the surface of its moonlight for 14 days.

The Russian plan for its moonlight is made up of three levels, Mikrin said. Its first level is & # 39; including the preparation of technological modes, basic module building for orbit and moon stations, Federacija pilots of policymakers, moonlight with control stations automatically. The orbit station will have implanting and starting modules as well as cost modules.

The second phase – in 2025-35 – includes the preparation of a peat on the surface of its & Moon, the first pilots for the moon, the construction and distribution of the first mechanisms of the founding base; moonlight in the future.

Thirdly, after 2035, the full moon moon phase of the moon will be completed. A system of automated policies and bulldogs should also be created after 2035, TASS stated in its report.


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