The update in October for Windows 10 has caused the iCloud feeling to be done

Microsoft has reviewed the 10th October renewal renewal process for Windows 10, and there are likely to be some problems.

After installing the new update, it was found that some users can not make full use of iCloud. Apple and Microsoft are already working on repair. Problems start when users install the latest version of iCloud (version for Windows 10 to be updated in October. Then you will receive an error message – Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (iCloud for Windows) (for Windows 7 (Windows 7)with April updated and earlier).

If your application is already installed from Apple, you can paint some problems when you use this software to synchronize files and pictures. The Windows 10 support page has emerged a post that says Apple has found the incompatibility of its program iCloud for Windows (Theversion when the system is Windows 10 (The1809 version), users may have problems updating or updating; Sharing Sharing Records.

At this time, Microsoft is blocking tools iCloud for Windows (Theversion which is installed from Windows 10 (1809 version) until the problem is resolved. And if you already have iCloud, you will find that you can not install the October update at this time. It's an unpleasant first sight, but it is still better that you should find out that your files have long been co-financed correctly by iCloudom.

Microsoft says that he works with Apple to create a compatible iCloud version to update the October of Windows. This will be included in the next issue. We hope it will not take long.

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