The Ypsalon Festival attracts the names of well-known writers and a rich program

The fourth year of the Festival of Writers will be held between Thursday 22nd and Sunday, November 25th, at the Little Berlin Intelligence Center Center.

20 November 2018 at 7:06

Trnava. Andrej Bán, Ján Štrasser, Lucia Molnár Satinsky and Arpád Soltész. This is just a few names you can meet in Trnava during the Ypsalon writers festival.

This will take place from Friday 22nd to Sunday, 25th November, at the Whitepoint Cultural Center.

The festival will again bring a full program of award-winning and modern writers. Visitors can find an exhibition related to literature in the accompanying program. The Sunday program is related to families and small readers.

Interesting conversations

Ypsalon starts at 18 o'clock at a meeting with the author Ondrej Štefánik. The book was debated in 2011 with a collection of four short stories of Ostrich Man. For a year, he published the Fiddling City novel, and went to the final titles at the 2013 Anasoft 2013 literary competition.

His second novel Som Paula, which came out in 2016, became an winner of Anasoft 2017.

On the same day, the audience will meet Koloman Kertész Bagal. Bagala was the founder of the original product of KK Bagal. Each year, the publishing house announces its own Poviedka literary competition since 1996.

It also publishes a collection of the best jobs, and the finest jobs are the best.

On the first day of the festival, they will be involved in discussions with the event; poet John Straser, who readers always "catch up" with a remarkable commentary point and commentary, photographer, journalist and humanist member Andrej Bán.

The film director Solčanska will also come

A Friday program at Peter Krištúfek with Dad Nagy starts on Friday and will continue with a meeting with Pavel Rankov and Lucia Molnár Satinská.

At 21:00, the audiences Mariana Čengel Solčanská, the filmmaker, who has debated two film films, will be the author of the script, as the only movie maker.

Historical story The story of the Ethiopian wing has grown as the most prominent film in Slovakia in Slovak cinema in 2010. The television series "The Watch" is a " The first of a series of ten television shows of TV that was presented in the Filmoviedky tour.

In 2010, she also set out as a fiction writer with the historical storytelling of Flying Flying Chippriot, and four years later, she published another historical novel, Love to the Fleck. Its most recent book is the third historical novel, General M. R. Štefánik (2018).


On Saturday, Pokemon Dominic Tatarku will be with Petrom Zajac and Anthony Vydrom, Maria Modrovich & Dušan Vicen, Arpád Soltész and Daniel Majling at the Ypsalon Festival.

On Sunday, from 3:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., a sale showcase of the most beautiful children's books has been prepared, as well as reading and a workshop by Adely Režnej, known as "Sugar Shoes."

At 15:30 an additional workshop with a Silent design book is ready; At 17 hours, the smallest can look forward to Martin Theater Center: Bold Rabbit.

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