There are two spaceships on the ISS

The International Spa (ISS) came within 15 hours for two supply boats. AP reported Monday.

Cygnus non-registration goods ship, developed by Northrop Grumman America, went to the station on Monday, two days after the start of Virginia. The three-person station team, as well as many other materials and equipment, clothes, ice cream and fruit.

ISS has already reached Open the gallery

Cygnus, who went over to ISS, is named after the old SA S.S. cosmona. Iain Young, who died in January this year. Young in 1972 when the ninth came to the surface of his moon. The current ISS chief executive, Nemec Alexander Gerst, wrote on Twitter on AP "Welcome aboard, S. John Young!".

Lastly on her & # 39; round, a Russian spacecraft Progress 71 came to an orbit base with nearly three tonnes of fuel and other supplies.

There are currently three members of the ISS: American Serena Auónón-Chancellor, German Alexander Gerst and Rus Sergei Prokopiev. The ISS Tuesday has been celebrating 20 years since its existence. Its first Zaria module was launched on 20 November 1998. Both supply vessels are still fixed for a few months until the rubbish is filled with rubbish.

Russian Roscosmos Director, Dmitry Rogozin, and NASA Space Operations Director Bill Gerstenmaier at a joint news conference on the 20th anniversary of the ISS, said the two sides wanted to work together in the past Future for the development of its constitution; circulate to moonlight.

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