These JBL mobile phones do not cost € 13.56, you will not get them in Slovakia

The JBL brand, which is part of the Harman Group, does not have to be. Recently, it is the result of the majority due to the movable speaker, mobile Bluetooth, but there are no remaining mobile phones.

If you prefer a pot of ear instead of ears, that's classic, there are more richer choices. From prestigious brands to priceless options, unprofitable options.

JBL mobile phones The T180A is an inland classic that is still widely used 3.5 mm audio cooker. They are particularly suited to smartphones with this connection yet.



price: € 13.56 | available: 294 pieces

Although the mobile phones are interesting from the perspective, the design of this product is not as important. They have a big role 9-millimeter shift, which will give clear crystal clear sound and deep depth.

There is physical sound insulation. There are three sizes in the & # 39; answering each ear according to size. They can not be pushed, but at the same time they can not be too discharged, affecting their listening experience.


The driver itself is also practical. It is a bit deeper than regular headings and especially flat. It is the benefit of the biggest struggle but also you are not worried to work at any time.

The JBL T180A is not expensive, but with a shop offer with Cafago you can even cheaper, at a cost € 13.56. The number of pieces available is still larger than appropriate.

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