They sent her old lady into Siena of Glory in a fair show

The official recorder will be broken down by post on 18 December in Bratisslave.

November 2018 or 11:46 TASR

Bratislava. It's taking part in a gold showcase; Gold medal has promised more gold, silver and bronze medals from the World Cup.

The main fare driver is full of ice hockey role Miroslav Šatan. At the same time, during the event, the story will live SZHH officially to Siena's glory.

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Višňovský was faster, Watson was waiting

An eighty-four senior officer who is currently a general manager of Slobhaka's representative; played a symbolic post on December 18th, 2018 at 18.00 at the Ondrej Nepel Winter Stadium in Bratislava, and played every three for 18 minutes.

"The idea was born two years and three years ago, but Ľubo Višňovský had been ahead of me two years ago, so we sent him away, let's talk about it anytime in the spring and because The stadium was rebuilt in the summer, we decided to "" said the "silent kill" with a 18-ths game on the morning paper.

"I like to play, not with hockey, because I want to give my knowledge as well, and I want to meet the boys we have Achievement with internationally memorable performances. " I want to play good hockey and I liked a team of loyalists, "said Miroslav Šatan.

One of the coaches contained in a Movie is Hoss quiz

Ján Lašák, Rastislav Staňa, Defendants Radoslav Hecl, Martin Štrbák, Dušan Milo, Ľubomír Višňovský, Richard Lintner, Ľubomír Sekeráš, Ivan Droppa, Radoslav Suchý, Peter Podhradský and from attacks such as Branko Radivojevič, Peter Bondra, Jozef Stümpel, Rastislav Pavlikovsky, Ladislav Nagy, Radovan Somik, Michal Handzus, Richard Kapus, and Ľubomír Vaic.

"Ján Filc is one of the coaches, I contact Marián Hossu, and if he can not play, he can appear on the other manager. Žigo Pálffy told me that He still needs a week to think, but I'd like to see it there, "said Watts.

He is waiting for Hašek

The captain of the world's campaigners from Gothenburg 2002 introduced a Danish Dominika Hašek visitor, who still did not speak, and also commented on some other foreign players. In the first series, however, it will be a meeting with staff from Slovak representation.

"When we have a final list, let's know what it has played and all other details. It should be about two weeks before the event," he said.

"I thank Mhiro for being named, and I hope not to think about it, because he has a lot of knowledge with his general manager, who is worthy of such a thing of food if Miro is not, and I played this game two years ago and it was I believe Miro will remember and give some goals, "said Višňovský.

"I am very enjoyable, I think it's really good, and there is an opportunity for events, I think you can host the atmosphere in the nesting room , "said Lašák.

The Fame Hall is waiting for Samsung

Shatana was launched in Siena of Glory already approved by SZHH, officially this will happen at the show.

"As the last one said, Zdena Ciger, Zdena Ciger, and Zdene Ciger in 2014, and on December 18, our best captain Miroslav Šatan will be right to participate," said SZH, President Martin Kohút.

During the event, the letters of OC Meadhan will also be held. Interested parties can buy tickets for their website at, the official page of the event is

Tickets from the sale of tickets will be used for projects with Miroslav Šatan Foundation, which has helped children from 2002.

Šatan finished his post in 2014 after the World Cup in Minsk, recording the number of goals set out in a Sacky team, in 183 matches he gave 86.

The four coin has won the SR in the World Cup in the history of independence. In 2009 he won the Stanley Penguins Cup with Pittsburgh.

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