Thirteen and salaries are one-off benefit

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November 19, 2018 at 11:30 SITA

Bratislava. Thirteen salaries are the one-off benefit for jobseekers. At the same time, numbers in the 13th and 14th salary on the first line of the difference between the applicant's request and the offer from the employers.

It showed a welfare audit, made by the Grafton Slobhàcia staff group on a sample of 875 people over 16 sectors of the labor market.

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Premiums and bonuses

The bees are in the order of benefits that are prize-winning or bonuses.

"The financial benefits are maintained by a variety of flexible flexibilities – flexible working hours, a home office or holiday for five or more weeks a year," said Management Manager Grafton Miroslav Garaj.

The survey also revealed that there were more than 25 days left in the other jobs at least 13% of the respondents.

The most common number of 25 days – one working week is above the legal framework, with 43% of candidates.

"Our most important holiday service is for six weeks," said Jitka Součková, the CZ & SK Grafton Marketing Manager.

"Flexibility is one of the key benefits. It includes not only start and end of work, but also holiday over a legal framework. It is important for parents of young children, but also for young people who want to travel outside of work and find new countries, "said Součková.

Christmas parties on the lower parts

Staff, for example, do not look for Christmas parties or gifts from the employer.

"At the bottom of the recordings, food was added, or using a business phone or booklet for personal purposes. However, these benefits do not need staffing. On the other hand, They are already being taken as a normal standard, so their employers should not be removed from their welfare pack, "said Garaj.

The average value of interviewees' food is EUR 3.87 in the # 39; Other earnings (business and business 3.53 euros). They did not get at all, 12 per cent, and more than five hundred.

"With its ever-growing competition in the job market, it is increasingly important for companies to successfully promote candidates. Although financial appraisal is is still the most important part, a suitable mix of non-financial benefits can have a significant impact on the applicant's decision, "said Garaj.

Up to 71 per cent of jobseekers want benefits in the form of the 13th and 14th salary, only 28 per cent will make companies. The second largest difference between the benefits and the benefits that is given more than five weeks according to the survey – in this case, the differences are 46 per cent and 13 per cent.

The main courses are the most important courses

Students have a minimum interest in an animal related office (factory nursery), paid buildings, corporate product or service mitigation, business partner mitigation, and a reinstatement package.

There are no advantages that are not attractively attracted or provided to them for self-relocating food in the workplace, restaurant, parking space, staffing bonus, corporate events, or buss.

"On the other hand, interesting innovation in representative roles is the growing interest in health-related benefits or returning to their first days of poor work capacity, and there are still training courses and training in the face, "said Miroslav Garaj.

In the manufacturing sector, a survey of 218 applicants was involved.

Previously, the previous Grafton survey has shown that its financial financial benefits were not at the end of the year. Most respondents – 53.6 per cent – when they are earning.

Thousands of patients or more of ordinary income can spend 1.15 per cent of staff in a variety of benefits. The most commonly used monthly profit is the range from EUR 100 to 149, 28.5% of respondents said.

The Sliceacia Grafton Personnel Group was established in 1994 and currently operates in Bratislava, Trenčín, Nitra, Košice and Žilina. For local and international clients as well as jobseekers, it offers a wide range of recruitment, temporary recruitment, management of talent and various HR solutions.

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