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To hell Slovan fell behind CSKA Moscow – KHL – Hocaidh – Sport


19.11.2018 19:57

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The Slovak mission was defended in Moscow by Marek Čialak.

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Hocaidh Slovan Bratislava players played in a & # 39; KHL Sunday band ahead of the CSKA Moscow & West 0: 4 conference.

So Moscow's enemy did not touch the third game
meetings in series. Hetrikom was burned in the home team by Kirill Kaprizov,
Mikhail Grigorenko had four assistants.

For CSKA is the tenth benefit in the series. Slovan is a four-time game
The trip on the skip is not the challenges rising home but two points for the benefit of 3: 2
in Nižnekamsk and is still in the 10th place in the conference
Table. The renowned coach Vladimír Országha will be shown
twice at home, on Friday, November 23 at 18.30 pm HC Vítaz Moskovska's guests


CSKA Moskva – Slovan Bratislava 4: 0 (1: 0, 2: 0, 1: 0)
goals: 17. Kaprizov (Grigorenko, Nesterov), 26. Scott
(Grigorenko, Nesterov), 40. Kaprizov (Grigoreko), 46. Kaprizov (Grigoreko,
Scott). They decided: Bukin, Soin – Galimov, Stroganov, exclusion: 4: 6 at
2 minutes, play power: 3: 0, weakness: 0: 0, 5689 spectators.
CSKA Moscow: Johansson – Dahlbeck, Robinson, Pašnin,
Naumenkov, Blazievievsky, Nesterov, Cmychov – Grigorenko, Salunov,
Kaprizov – Andronov, Hansen, Scott – Telegin, Slepyšev, Svetlakov –
Tolcinsky, Karnauchov, Rtiščev – Okulov
Slovan Bratislava: Ciliak – Sersen, Gelinas, Meszaros,
Švarný, Janosik, Klok, Bačík – Řepík, Taffe, Červený – Jeglič,
Skeel, Fox – Sloboda, Bailey, Rau – Hrnka, Chipchura, Buc –

Slovan played in the first third with their favorite. After 5 minutes
got the first chance to & # 39; playing a game, but it only lasted
four seconds. After he started, he was blamed for his defeat
The crane and the troops fell on the ice. Then Ciliak hit the scene
Dahlbecka and Blazijevski, on the other side of the threatened warden Johansson
near Mug, but he did not find his attempt.

The Moskovniks changed activity until the end of the first, but lonely
Robinson's great player had a brilliant opportunity after 15 minutes, shot a ball through the right, but lost the goal with thousands!
A few minutes later, CSKA played the power and Kapriz opened the first one
score – 1: 0. Rau could answer her, but only put her coffin
Jonasson. Slovan did not save even in the power of power that came after him and he went to
tunnel with a tight man.

A second third of the home team was started, but Ciliak stopped
The enemy's cannon and the Robinson accident moved just above his high leg
love. One minute, however, Slovan went back to the next four
until Suke was closed, and they were already punished on the Moskovskans. Grigorenka is caught very sharp
Scott Squad 2: 0 against Killiot.

CSKA had even more and more minutes, but the other was governed
The goal was unsuccessful and did not even hit it during the midfield play
game. In the second part, the Slavs did not get in front of the enemy's goal
In total, on the forehead, he was lucky at the end of "Grigorek" baseball
the design of gates. Third, CSKA put the finish 37 minutes before he put the siren
after a great mistake in the protection of "belasy" Kaprizov.

The home team had a strong hand in the third third. He got it
The chance to be at least right in the president game after Karnauchov, without Rau
not a good chance from the left circle. But on the other hand, however
the power of play and Kaprizov is 46 minutes after Hetrik has saved the visit
at 4: 0

Čillak then spoke successfully for CSKA, Slovan
He did not achieve one goal, so he lost it in the Moscow area
four-dimensional difference. Slovan CSKA did not save it altogether
for 195 minutes.

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