Traders try to pay so tall; as – Trade – Profession

In the craftsmen and individuals sector, the Social Insurance Company recorded the continuing shift of paying as high quality as possible. as possible last year.

According to data from the register, it is the average number of SSAs 2018
Paying age insurance rates from the lower part
of the base of 141 486, which accounted for 75.15% of all paid SSAs.

Compared to 2017, this increase in the SSGI department is paid as such
then the average number of SSAs paying such prices from the lowest level
of the 133 852 assessment center, representing 71.95% of all
paying self-employment.

"We will re-focus this section of insurance agents that will take away
a minimum tax will be marked not only in the lowest sums in the future
sickness benefits, but also retired, "said Patrick's spokesman

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