Unfortunately, of course, Čírová: First not mejkapu, then MORE THANKS

Mária Čírová was born on November 20, 1988. He is a singer, songwriter and composer. in it. She became famous after winning a Popstar Coca-Cola competition and won the Golden Fame award in the year's Find the Year award.

Maria won a music competition in 2008, when it last year. As the singer enters music, just 10 years have passed. In addition, he has been celebrating his 30th anniversary, so he decided to go with these two important events in the name of his 3rd and only. Maria Čírová galaconcer. This will take place on November 24th in Inchebe, Tickets are available on the pre-sale.com website.

Mária Čírová's essential singer

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In this progress year, Mary's amazement was also surprised. She had a very interesting picture abroad. She first appeared in plays behind me. It's amazing, however, not the only publication.

On the front page of the Brejk magazine, finally, there was a record where the singer is away. However, if someone expects to have an e-mail; First order, it would be unhappy. Indeed, the photographer Čírová photographed a great deal, although it is proven, but it is not clear. Mary has abolished her female arms, so all that is still hidden has remained.

Chiro: unexpectedly to be in the beginning

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