VIDEO FILM Manchester City again in front of Liverpool, and United man too

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Manchester City football players won the 32nd round of the English Premier League around 2: 0 at FC Fulham.

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The "Citizens" effect was awarded by Bernardo Silva and Sergio Agüero. Guardian Guard coaches have won a series of Premier League winners for seven games and have reached the top level of the album with only one level ahead of Liverpool, which is expected at the Sunday with the Tottenham (17.30). .

Sergio Agüero, Manchester City

Sergio Agüero, Manchester City

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer won the first Manchester United coach. Watford by Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial 2: 1 was beaten by the Red Devils and moved to the first four. Before the fifth Arsenal, they have a single point at the same time, but Newcastle makes a good start with “gunners”. The management of ManU Solskjaera developed as a temporary coach since his retirement in December M Josein in December and signed a permanent contract with him.

Huddersfield lost 0: 2 in Crystal Palace and is the first team of its kind. It is only the second club in history for the Premier League after Derby County, which was already disbanded in March. Huddersfield only has 14 points after Round 32, and the Derby in 2007/2008 received just 11 points.

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Premier League – Visit 32:

FC Fulham – Manchester City 0: 2 (0: 2) t

Aims: 5. B. Silva, 27. Agüero

0: 1 (0: 0) Brighton & Hove Albion – FC Southampton t

Objectives: 53. Höjbjerg

FC Burnley – Wolverhampton Wanderers 2: 0 (0: 0) t

Objectives: 2. Coady, 77. MacNeill

2: 0 (0: 0) Crystal Palace – FC Huddersfield t

Objectives: 77. Milivojevic (from 11 m), 88. Van Aanholdt

Leicester Town – AFC Bournemouth 2: 0 (1: 0) t

Objectives: 11. Morgan, 82. Vardy

2: 1 (1: 0) Manchester United – FC Watford t

Objectives: 28. Rashford, 73. Martial – 90. Doucoure

West Ham United – Everton FC 0: 2 (0: 2) t

Aims: 5. Zouma, 33. Bernard



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