VIDEO Hapal Coach needs to solve the first problem: we're back!

Pavel Hapal and Vladimir Weiss
Pavel Hapal and Vladimir Weiss

PRAGUE – Vladimir Weiss, the Czech football football, was obviously delighted that the new coach of the national team Pavel Hapal did not allow him to go. Run even stretched in the Czech duel on Monday (0: 1). Al-Gharafa, which is twenty years, has a record club, in Trnava with Ukraine (4: 1).

As a responsibility at, Weiss, after the third round of Hapal training, almost a quarter of hours before the end of the meeting at Sinobo Stadium, leaving the rich cultivation. "What do I have to say," there was no word for a Hapal coach.

"I did not recognize it through the game, I walked to the team, I did not know when I came into the set room, I will try to solve it, what is it? , going on, and so on. says Kromeriz Moravian who is 49 years old according to his / her named ports.

Hapal argued that he was counted by Weiss, but in the Novals in November he was a bit; He likes the changes by other players. "We know, we know how it plays, we have decided for other changes, but it is not written that it does not play in the next game." No problem, " Pavel Hapal said.

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TASR, sport; Video: RTVS

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