VIDEO: Hapal training and Slovak officials face their defeat in the Czech Republic

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Football Club Football has come to Division C of the Nations League. On Monday closing session of the first Division B, the Czech Republic 0: 1 lost to Patrick Schick in 32 minutes.

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Slovakia placed the third place in the table with three points for the Friday impact on Ùlpan (4: 1), the Czech Republic captured a Slovak Republic in the two faithfuls, he got six points and finished the second place.

Winners match / RTVS /:

Pavel Hapal, coach SR: "I think we did not play a bad game, especially at first, but we were sorry and we did not create a clear, perhaps simplified opportunity."

Marek Hamšík, pòla meadhain SR: "We've had a hard-hitting game, but we've had our first 20 minutes, but the Czechman overwhelmed us, we punished our mistakes in the In the back row, we hit the campaigns, playing easier and simpler, we had a good start but we wanted more, but we did not have a clear chance. "

Matúš Bero, midfielder SR: "I do not think we were doing well, unfortunately, there was a bad risk in. It's a hard field, it's not I wanted to get out, but it probably just wanted to make our game simpler. "



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