Video: Lukáš Adamec published the acoustic version of the song Storm

identify and e-mail 676x380 BRATISLAVA, November 19 ( – After the successful singers of Horus Love, Once I have been convicted of Lukáš Adamec's present song, another song from his first studio record.

Storm also gave his second dress when the record was recorded. A video clip of the acoustic version, which, apart from the Tomi area, holds musicians who did not record the original version of the album, which was released on the weekend.

The dance song was written by the famous musician Tomi Okres (currently working in the Czech Chinaski band), who also made the Adamcov record. The purpose of the songs was clear after the first hearing. "When Tom first played the tune of the storm, I fell then in love with her and I knew the text needs to be about love, " said a successful singer.

At the same time he says that the song showed the most beautiful feelings, but its sad side. "I wanted to say the unhappy love for the song. The relationship that is convicted of being extinct, and especially the need for her, although the relationship between the two still found " Kositan came to the main subject of the song.

The idea was enough to turn the sound

Adamca's romantic nose broke as much as he wrote a complete text of his song just ten minutes and became one of the best songs from the album. The storm was recorded in the UMPAX studio in Prešov, and friends and musicians went into work. Martin Gašpar's Record, Marcel Buntaj and Marián Čekovský, the studio studio with the original couple.

Their intention to create an acoustic turnover in a completely different set, as it was made in the draft album, was created inappropriately. During registration, the Lukas Adamca CD supported talented and successful musicians. Peter Bič is one of them, and the guitar is heard in two songs on the album.

"Although I was a completely different song recording, I introduced the Storm to the boy. Her lover was very angry and we all felt the same feeling. -white, his wave and so we decided to shoot her in the "live" studio. It was very fast and completely unpleasant and I'm really happy that it is like that, " Published by Adamec linked the Storm with Tomi District (guitar) names, Peter Bič (guitar) and Jozef Dvorak (instruments).

Produce singl natural

The film that fans can watch those days is a " capturing jamming of musicians. The version of the acoustic version is just according to the musicians. "This version sets out the meaning of each one of us. That's why. For this version, our handwritten was carried by each one of us," the singer added to him.

Simpathetic Koscian says Storm is the last one from the first album to offer Slovak radios. Lukáš is currently working on a new product. "Content for a new record is still a & # 39; come. We already have some songs, so it's now good, playing, playing and raising. "

Musicians, according to their own words, sing a single music that will be delivered early next year. "I especially look forward to the song, where we give us another piece of our bandage and Schoaccake invaders. Do not tell me about plans in the future, let's go Let's think we are giving our new songs live on our two special shows in Bratislava and Košice, which we hope to organize in the spring of next year, " Poodkryl is the musician for his plans for the future.

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