VIDEO: Nations League: The Netherlands rescued the last attraction and went to her; final competition

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The finalists of the Netherlands are the finalists in the 2018/2019 League of Nations Championships. First place was received in Group A of the 1st Division 2-2 Attraction against & # 39; Germany in Gelsenkirchen on Monday.

Duel A – Germany – Holland you could watch ONLINE at Š >>

"Oranjes" will receive the UEFA European Championship in Portugal, the English and Swiss in the following year.

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The Dutch players played the 0-2 side, but at the end of the game they were balanced and protected. game. Joachim Löwa was over 9 minutes, when Timo Werner broke on the right, and left his entire defense. The home grew to 2: 0 in the 20th minute, when Leroy Sane's sixth line was shown by one of the "Oranjes" defenders to his own gate.

However, the coach Ronald Koeman did not retire to retire, and the Quincy Promesa goal was 85 minutes, and 90th + 1 in front of the French concert, Virgil van Dijka. The Netherlands have better problems with Les Bleus. A decision was made on the Germans to retire their position before this game.

The Danish have already made progress on the A-Division, its impact ended in the # 39; 4th group of second level with a home of 0: 0 with the Irish in Aarhus. In this 3rd Division Department, they were fighting for Nori and Bulhari's progress. Finally, the Vikings won in Cipros 2: 0, Bulhari brought home with Slovenia 1: 1.

The D-Department also deals with Macedonian Monarchy; a home attack arriving over Gibraltar 4: 0, so it did not have to look at the result of Armenia, which eventually came to Liechtenstein 2: 2.


Group 1:

Germany – Netherlands 2: 2 (2: 0)

Objectives: 9. Werner, 20. Sane – 85. Promes, 90. + Van Dijk decided: Hategan (ROU)


Group 4:

Denmark – Ireland 0: 0

decision: Aghaev (Azer.)


Group 3:

Cyprus – Norway 0: 2 (0: 1)

Objectives: 36. and 48. Kamara, ČK: 80. Sielis – 90. Elyounoussi, deciding: Vad (Hungary)

Bulgaria – Slovenia 1: 1 (0: 0)

Objectives: 68. Ivanov – 75. Zajc, determined by: Göcek (Tur.)

D Division

Group 4:

Macedonia – Gibraltar 4: 0 (1: 0)

Objectives: 67th and 80th Nestorovski, 27th Bardhi, 90th + 2 Trajkovski, determined by: Sachi (Kazakh.)

Liechtenstein – Armenia 2: 2 (1: 1)

Objectives: 44. M. Büchel, 47. Hasler – 9. Adamjan, 85. Karapetjan's decision: Durieux (Lux.)



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