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Slovenian Vladimir Weis's football representative was responsible for another controversial situation during the League of Nations game against the Czech Republic.

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Vladimir Weiss did not go to the base of Slovakia against the Czech Republic and they did not. watch the game only from its & # 39; venue. The event was held in the 79th minute, when Pavel Hapal used his last place and Adama Zreľák replaced Adama Nemca.

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After this time, Vladimir Weiss rose and went to the surgery. Hapal, Hapal's training also reported at his press conference, but Weissov did not take his attention away.

Slócaia was on Monday's closing session of B B Division Division with Česká republika on the grass with a 0: 1 goal for Patrik Schick from 32 minutes.

Slovakia placed the third place in the table with three points for the Friday impact on Ùlpan (4: 1), the Czech Republic captured a Slovak Republic in the two faithfuls, he got six points and finished the second place.



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