Vikra Tatra changed. He's been fourteen years old

To date, there is no arranged arrangement or TANAP visitor record.

TATRAS GÀIDHEAL. On the night of the 19th to the 20th of November in 2004, the disastrous turmoil Tatras hit, destroying more than 12,000 hectares of woodland and its human life claim.

Kalamita was associated with passing the cold face in which the Arctic cold air began; flow, and reach the torch.

After leaving a stunning wind, named Elizabeth, an informal journey on the Tatra, which was still visible for 14 years.

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The Tatra Forest was away

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The most strongest wind movements were recorded between the fourth and seventh hour of the evening.

At the Lomnicke wing, the wind reached 170 km / night that night, 200 km / km on Skalnatom.

Its strong wind left 50 kilometers of barked trees, and # 39; road damage, trails and homes on the right side of Tatier.

The Tatra Forest, in the form of a generation of people used, was removed in a few hours.

Tatras was waiting for more accidents

Many settlements, organizations, companies and volunteers have been involved in rescue. A move was just taken several months.

In the following years, the Tatras did not escape later than the work of Strongest Circles completed in 2004.

In May 2014, for example, Horehronie, Orava and the Tatras hit another ban, in which 100,000 trees fell.

Forestry remedies were not cure according to forestry even to many lycophytes, who also moved to a healthy forest.

Kalamita caused a riot

In addition to its own shoe, there was a dispute between organizations between the states, forests and representatives of the protection agencies.

In fact, it was completely recognized, although some boundaries may be part of a national park, it does not mean that human translation is zero.

Two camps opposite each other. Woodlands and woodland owners said that wood should be used after the disaster to prevent the lycopersy from spreading, Avoiding fire, and last year, the woods can not be considered.

On the other hand, there were defenders who blocked a robot.

The protectors for the preserved woodland were held in the national park, in the most defensive area, where natural and natural modes could be protected; take care of naturally.

Clear rules have been lost

Since then, the area of ​​Tatra's National Park has been waiting for a long time for a long time, the indirect rules that are going to be a long time; Managing human activity and interventions that are allowed in the individual zones.

Depending on the Environment Department, an assignation endorsement imposes a ban on compensation for economic loss to private landowners and forests.

Lesy State Sovereign Republic Initiative took an unstable position after 14 years. It will be almost everywhere where there is still a wood.

"We agree with conflicts only on the plots above the upper boundaries of the woods in the rosin zones and in the band of slices and crowds in other parts of Slovakia. think it first needs to review the system of protection areas, "said spokesman Radko Srnka.

Humanity and human activity in the Tatra Mountains is also linked to the Visiting Visit Order, which is not the correct word so far.

The old man is invalid for 15 years after the law has changed. This is exactly what human permissible actions should be clearly defined in the boundaries of this national park.

The campaign that has been petitioned, a law dispute over the years has come to an end due to the fact that Slovakia does not have a clear statutory rule that has clearly set this problem.

Disputes are today, the solution is not yet

After approval and contribution only, a large proportion of the loss was lost, but the free zones with natural regeneration were also put aside.

Woods, however, still believe that green and lycragrass campaigners have spoiled three trees without losing themselves.

The situation of catastrophic decision-making about Tatra's healthy forest damage suggests that defensors will be angered for more intense mining.

Accordingly, Lycoprite is part of the natural processes that own the nature of their own control.

The evidence is Silent and Kôpva, which is even the case after lycophytes. happening, home to certain habitats.

Protector certification is also reinforced by the SR State Nature Conservation (SOP SR) research and scientists from the SAV Ecology Coille Institute.

The study shows that a spruce event was killed in an area that was not banned in only nine out of 117 cases.

Several heroes are so common in areas where one hit.

Not just the Tatra

Today, the riot is only on the top Tatras, but also on other Slovak forests.

The conflict rises even a month ago when the Forest Woodland State Forests created the Forest Woodland Initiative that we respond to.

The defendants responded in the campaign that Slovakia lost more than 700 kilometers of squares in the period 2001-2014, which is a large area of ​​Tatras and Low Tatras completely.

The state campaign responded: "Woods do not protect the cup or the mobile phone. It wants to remove their hands, forget about the brain, and swallowing the hunger for patience. You have to put your life into a forest, not just a few lines in the image. "

Anyway, November 19, 2004 is a crucial milestone not only for the High Tatras.

After shooting shoots, the questions were raised regarding the management of Tatra forests. Will it be a priority for protecting the environment or human activity?

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