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Solo football representatives finished their year 2018 with a strong 0: 1 loss with the Czech, who sent them to the last third place in the # 39; First Division of the League of Nations Division B.

Pavel Hapal during a game in the Czech Republic.

Pavel Hapal through the game
Czech Republic.

Author: TASR, Martin Baumann

In the revision of the newly created competition, they will fall by one
lower levels of performance and at the same time in December
2020 European Competition Qualifications to be introduced into the third basket.

Pavel Hapal, a Slovak team coach, said he would have his teams
to give an attack speech in Prague to prove a profit of three
points. Finally, on the blade in Eden they did not visit and did not even work
no doubt for scoring.

"The game is hard to evaluate, we did not play until we lost.
We had opportunities for twenty eight or five minutes, but we did not; we can
to turn it. We were very complicated and the enemy used brejk
"said a 49-year-old copywriter coach after printing

In a 58 minute minute, Hapal replied that it was unfortunate to be & # 39; happen both
changing and playing Ondrej Duda by Roberto Mako, but not that
getting into court has had a big impact on low performance

Captain of Slovakia
Martin Škrtel defends
Czech ...

Jaroslav Japanese Coach
Šilhavý před
& Game.

"In the second half we have created platonic importance, but
we did not make opportunities. We should have been easier and more urgent
A challenge challenger, who has not been successful. We lost our game
In addition, we must also play more sexual, "he continued.

A man from Kromeriz started playing on her; a mountainous mountain
Advance 4: 1 Friday in the League of Nations over Ukraine. successful
However, the basic set of this performance changes to two places.
Matus Bero was injured and Roberto Maka instead of the injured Juraj Kucku in the middle of the field
Miroslav Stoch left on his left wing.

"We just wanted to try, because we have no preparation at this time
match to prove. He tried but he did not succeed in pushing it
& N. But we knew we would also play Maka in & # 39; game during the duel, "
He explained Hapal's purpose, which also described Bera's performance. "No wonder
yes, it's a kind of fight. Physically he went out of all the forces, but
In some cases, he could have a peace of game. "

The Slovak, led by Hapal coach, played two different games in two games
exhibitions. While they were at home against Ukraine they were harmed by attacking activity and
They killed four visits, three days later in Prague they were under a problem.

Happy Pavel.

Happy Pavel. Author: TASR, Martin

"And maybe it's also tired. We played a lot of use on the sides,
We need to play it normally. We chose to mix more and more
we did not go out because the blade was not suitable, "explained the old man
SR "21" pilots.

Hapal had the opportunity to work for her first time in November
National Fitness Team. There is now an important job –
Preparing for the European Championship, which will host the European Championship. already started
in March.

"We need to explore these duels to get our knowledge
to be appropriate. We try to settle game games team
from the game against Ukraine. We need to be just and a
Effective, "he said.

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