We recommend: Unlimited tires can reduce the performance of an insurance

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Bratislava, November 20 (TASR) – If you are not guilty of a road accident crashed by fire, from November 15, it can have a problem not only in disaster resolution but also in & # 39; the solution of the insurance event. The use of winter tires is essential for passenger cars between November 15 and March 31 if there is an ongoing series of snow, frost or ice on the road.

"Winter tires are suggested at a lower temperature, below our temperatures at a temperature of less than 10 Celsius degrees, as the variety used in hardening summer tires and the tires are gutting quickly. There is a bigger pattern in winter tires with small lamellas and so they are better kept at lower temperatures and on snow surfaces. Also, the vehicle's bracket speed is much longer further in bad weather, " explains Martin Škultéty from Allianz – Insurance Department of SP SP.

According to a spokesman for Lucie Muth's insurance company, the tires can also be the reason for smaller insurance. If there is an insurance event, the insurer is entitled to sufficiently reduce insurance benefits if they were damaged or destroyed because it was not maintained in the general technical and production, for example, if he has selected or used tension. However, it has to be said in the traffic accident list with the police that badly selected tires are the cause of the disaster, or if it is proven by evidence.

In addition to the correctly chosen tires, it is also important to investigate the depths of the fire. Slovak laws allow the minimum horizontal depth to be 3 mm on winter tires (1.6 mm in summer).

"If we do not have a deep measure by hand, we need to prove it on the basis of a 5-hundred Sackcock for controlling tight winter stones, with the most famous Slovakian hill, Krivan, at the back, with The top of the coin coin is just 3 mm away from the edge of the dogs. The bottom of the fire belt and the Kriváňa roof is hidden in the hill, the fire on your vehicle meets the conditions which are legally ordered in the winter and have no legal difficulty with natural laws, but if you see the top of a pile, the fire has become better, 4 mm, and you can easily measure it with a 2-earthen base, as the silver edge of the double roll is just 4 mm, " Much is giving advice.

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