What Creed 3 from Assassin says looks worse than the first game

Receassin's Assassin's Creed 3 looks worse than the first game

AC3 Remaster

Anyway, face to face.

Ubisoft later appeared. We do not know the category working The next version of Assassin's Belief 3, but something is not right here. The game, which was aimed at kicking into modern consoles and PlayStation 4, looks much worse than the original game. Creed Assassin & 3 were released in 2012 on old and used PCs.

Assassin's new Creed 3 Remastered was released out on Friday and some players are beginning to look at details. On Twitter, TheEld has shared some of its own plays and compared the processing quality of the original game to the next game. It looks as if the fronts were looking better in 2012 than in a redevelopment in 2019. The managers who agreed to the process were not so similar. quality of both versions.

On the left is the original version from 2012, on the right is the 2019 sales.

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