You'll have the memory of the hockey players' heart scene in the coffin!

You can watch sport fun!

15:17 – The funeral by Slovakian hockey player David Gáborčík is over. The water is deleted slowly.

15:00 – Poprad is a cemetery that carries sobs and herbs; crying. David Gáborčík put him in his grave.

14:35 – Around 500 people came to the funeral.

14:30 – The landlord in a house is sad, and this is the most difficult part of the funeral. Dávida will draw on the other world, and he will stir it up slowly into a deep hole.

14:10 – As we remembered, people gathered to carry the body of Gáborčík. For example, hockey fans and followers have added. His body buried in the coffin.

14:00 – The nearest family, hockey players and hockey officers came to a funeral. Everyone wants to give D8vid Gáborčík a quiet one.

13:45 – They have just taken photographs of David and some TV videos on TV. "Without what we want and we will remember," They agree with HK Poprad

13:43 – The little house of sadness is already filled to the last place. Those who have just stopped the exporter must.

13:40 – The weather is very unpleasant in Poprad. It's less than one and it's snow.

13:35 – There are also pop-up hockey players who will join my companion and friend with sticks on David's last trip from a sad house to the cemetery.

13:30 – A funeral service begins about half an hour. The family is already tolerant in the sad house of Poprad – Veľká.

You can watch sport fun!

13:20 – His friends and other hockey players respond to the death of their hockey player. Marek Mikušovič: "We would be training together in Poprad in the summer. David was a good, funny boy. He did not have a green mouse. He was in the sitting room and he was in a smile. " Ján Brejčák "I always watched David very positively because he gave a good aura around him. He was just a boy in the game." Dávid Skokan "I played with him in the first defense when he came from the young people. A bit funny, a cellar was very polite and delightful. A good way came from his eyes."

Report again on buddies and friends team of death of the hockey game Gáborčík: Dying in the classroom, which was good

13:10 – Since the French competition is not among the most economical and the average monthly salary of the players is € 1,200, the closest Gáborčík family must also be the cost of the organization's expensive transportation. In Poprad, where David played less than 4 quarters, they have published a financial collection where people can contribute to any sum. "After an agreement with the family, an account has been set up where money can be made. The hockey players with treasurer Danom Brejčákom were working satisfactorily. They collected € 1,100, which will be transferred to this account Also, as a club, we also offer a car and a petrol for the family to travel to France when they need to travel there and submit all the requests, " Ľudovít Jurinyi, director of HK Poprad said.

The League of Hocaidh Deigh League and the general public make up the move of the late ice hockey player Dávid Gáborčík († 25): Popradu players played a " gather 1,100 euros!

13:00 – Gáborčík died in a car accident. According to our information, it was a car accident in the French area. The young defender, David Gáborčík, was still alive after a terrible disaster, and doctors who fought for his life in hospital. However, he suffered wounds inside his & her; the end. "It's a car crash. We blowly screw, flush, wet roads. We do not know if there is any ventilation or what happened. After the An accident crashed by the car in a channel. But David left his car and the injured man walked two thousand. Then he escaped in one of the homes and got there , " Saska's story told us.


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