Slovan's leadership has stopped!


They are hitting her & # 39; rest in the past. The rulers HC Slovan Bratislava, who should be Juraj Široký and Juraj Široký ml., A hindering activity in KHL. This is due to the expansion of old players.

Belasi is in the current season that pays financial obligations to current players who have paid all the money from the start of the summer provision. The problem, however, is the salary for spring months 2017/2018, and Slovan can not now be able to contract contracts with potential strengthening.

"HC Slovan Bratislava respects KHL's leadership decision, depending on which members are currently hindering activities related to rights and responsibilities in relation to KHL . The club is fully aware of its duties for current and past players from the past and is working slowly back, "said Slovan.

Little by little, it wants to consolidate and cure a stable position through the entry of a new partner.

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