Slovenia basketball players have rated the Eurobasket for the second time


18. Nov. 2018 6:00 pm

Slovenia basketball players have rated the Eurobasket for the second time

In a fifth visit to European Championship (E-E) competitions in Helsinki, Slovenia basketball teams were in a position; hit Finland 88:68 (16:18, 41:27, 61:48).

* Kisahalli size, 600 spectators, judges: Sljivic (Austria), Miklosik (RA), Van Slooten (Holland).
* Finland: Tuukkanen 2, Kuier 9, Tulonen 3, L. Lehtoranta 3, R. Lehtoranta 2, Holopainen 8 (1: 2), Ayanen 14 (2: 2), Bejedi 19 (0: 2), Wahlgren 5, Pirttinen 3.
* Slovenia: Oblak 7, Frikovec 17 (1: 1), Prezelj 8 (2: 2), Baric 9 (4: 4), Jakovina 8, Rupnik 2, Lisec 13, Ocvirk 3, Debeljak 2, Evans 19 (7: 8).
* Free throwing: Finland 3: 6, Slovenia 14:15.
They received three points: Finland 9:30 (Bejedi 3, L. Lehtoranta, Tulonen, Wahlgren, Pirttinen, R. Lehtoranta, Kuier, Holopainen), Slideshow 8:22 (Friškovec 4, Oblak, Ocvirk, Lisec, Barič).
* Personal Errors: Finland 14, Slovenia 15.
Five personal:.

In the fifth qualification match for the European Championship 2019, the Slovenian woman's basketball team ranked the fifth, and so on. affirming participation in Serbia in 2019 by the end. Damir Grgić, Dami Grgić electors, influenced Finland 88:68 in Helsinki.

The European Championship will take place between June 27 and July 7 in Latvia and Serbia. Slovenia, which is only the second time after 2017 participating in the final competition of the sixteen largest European teams, playing in Serbia. Basketball Federation Sloinniain Niš is one of the pre-production teams in Zrenjanin, and the latest colors will be held in Belgrade.

In the last round, Slovenia will have a " playing in France on November 21, winning or not playing; impacting at least six points against the European competitions and the 2012 Olympic Olympics will be the first place in the group and thus the place where the teams are in the 12th December group in Belgrade.

Although Slovene's girls started to play a bit badly, so Damir Grgić needed to take a minute break after a few minutes, the difference in quality was so that there were not many questions about winner. Last year Celje won 40 points with a difference, but in Helsinki he could look like Nika Barič, Teja Oblak, Eva Lisec and other girls at the same time.

After the first season of heat, the game was moved to the squares higher in the second quarter. With the result of part 15: 2, the first bonus advantage (33:22) came in 17 minutes, and finished its First half with a low percentage of target effects (37.8%) with 41:27.

The main impact was also the hindrance of the following, so hospitality was in the middle of the third quarter even at 42:50; In the last verse, when the difference jumped to 72:53, players who were 23 years old (and 179 cm in size), were finally released and deserve to be & # 39; achieve a great impact.

The scorers ab & # 39; Better in Slovenia Shante Evans with 19 points (6:13, 4 jumped), Zala Friškovec, who reached 17 (triples 4: 5) and Eva Lisac, with 13 points (6: 8) met nine additional points and three runs (index 25).

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