Slovenia with Ilko Štuhec is again a ski-geek candidate


The White Circus has moved over many pegs, where the beginning of the Alpine Ski season is for the fastest. On Saturdays and Sundays, male representatives from the caravan will look for answers for the ski and the shape above, and then women will come to the end of November. Slovenia has once again been a candidate for global, Ilko Štuhec, who returns after injuring.

The World Cup is the moment with its small team in Canada, where World Cup games start in fast track themes for women at the end of the month and early December.

Before the test starts, Maribor prepares near Lake Louise, the places called Štuhč are tied to the beautiful memories, as both have won twice a prize.

The meteoric climb to the top of skiing in Canada has just won its best season in office. After the end of the 2016/17 season, which ended in the World Cup with seven victories and 13 scores on the platform for the winners, followed the title of the Singer in the World Championship in St Petersburg. Moritz and a small crystalline globus for the best of the season in the ski and alpine mix, are independently for a long time.

Before the past, there was a disturbance of lamb injury, which was away from the slopes. For the fastest Schooner, progress will be made after 621 days, on November 30, when the first World Cup event, skiing in Lake Louis Canada, will be held. She was the last at the start of the World Cup on March 19 last year in Aspen.

"The final information is missing, and I can be calm and ready, but above all, to be trusted to me on the slope down," said Stuhcev.

Even before the season began, there are failures. The most recent sufferings of the injuries include Lindsey Vonn, the first star of the cautious, who starts delaying in her final season in office. The American was again injured in Copper Mountain training, leaving her to go to # 39; competing in their favorite World Cup event, where she ran 25 incredible on the winning level, and it has as many as 18 benefits.

The American plans spread over the famous Ingemar Stenmarka Swedish record, which won 86 World Cup games, Vonnova has so far achieved 82 win. There is no lot of injuries on his side. Lake Louise or "Lake Vonn" is the only thing that suits it.

"At Lake Louis training, we will get more concrete solutions, but we will not work with their competition. We will focus on the fact that Ilka is showing the The highest level in the race. The provision of the latest Canadian provisions will be more likely to symbolize a competitive situation "responded Stuhceva coach, Greg Koštomaj to the latest developments.

Mura h-Štuhč, a great slalom was won by the woman of Italy Sofia Goggia, who was also Olympic skiing. Even before being rejected by Vonnova, it was known that Italy lost the season's opening test due to the injuries that lasted last year. As a result, the caravity will only return in January.

For the second year, Tina Weirather of Liechtenstein won the Management Glacial Lieutenant, and the Olympic title was taken by the Japanese woman Ledecka, a snowboard that took into account one of the biggest skiing senses In general.

Štuhčeva has also made high plans in this topic, where she was last year, in her favorite season before being injured, four times on her & her; podium, won twice twice, and the amount of control that ended in the second time.

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