2000 MURAŠEV IN STOŽIĆI? From Fazanerija they were told about what TICKETS were there

The smallest doubt is that the black and her sun would have a special support at her & her; A game with Olimpija in Ljubljana with a basket.

Soccer players Mure coming again Friday for more than five and a half years Stozicah, as we report in the last few days, they set the aim in this regard Šimundžo tray and its defender in the game with Olympique inspired about 2000 fans. For its first member, such a project was a & # 39; Looking too big, for many was not possible, but after the amazing response of black and white fans, the men were not forced to change their minds.

Last week they were in Fazaneriji There were 800 tickets available, early Friday afternoon early that they were no longer available. "On Monday, we will order 1000 additional cards," Stanko Prelec, a media spokesman, confirmed that you were a fan Mure a valuable piece of paper can be given again Murska Sobota. "We have delivered 500 additional tickets, and 500 are in Ljubljana as a backup. They are enough for everyone who wants to come to Stožice. I think we have been almost in the process of completing our project. Our Ljubljana fans also have given a good number of seats as- Yes, " the true man black and white which is responsible for public relations, while at the same time saying that sales of tickets at the bar are in Fazaneriji Continuing daily between 14.00 and 19.00.

Ticket for adults: 8 eus; adult + transport ticket: 20 eus; adult ticket + souvenir scorpion (Olimpija / Mura): 13 euros; ticket for adults + souvenir scorpion (Olimpija / Mura) + transport: 25 bulls; children's ticket (children under 14): 2 eus; children + transport ticket: 13 euros; children's ticket + souvenir scarf (Olimpija / Mura): 7 eorara; children's ticket + souvenir scorpion (Olimpija / Mura) + transport: 18 bulls.

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